Although Darin Ruf does not even have a month under his belt, the kid has seriously impressed the Phillies so far.  He first entered the 2012 season on game number 154, but already has 25 at bats, 9 of them being hits which makes his batting average an impressive .360.  In addition, his play in Double A sparked the Phillies organization to bring him up to the big leagues, after batting .317, with 38 homeruns, 104 RBI’s, in 139 games he played in.  So it is no question that Ruf can play.  The question is, will his talent shift to the majors, where he becomes a clutch five hitter in the line-up, as he would take pressure off Ryan Howard and other power hitters.  He is twenty six years old, so he has enough experience in the minors, but he does not have enough experience at the level of baseball to be an everyday consistent hitter.

One problem that Ruf will have if adjusting to the outfield.  Originally, he was a first baseman in the minors, however due to Ryan Howard’s appearance, Ruf would have to shift to left field, and learn the position quickly.  Honestly, he is the best fit for left field we have so far, especially since the Phillies will not get in the bidding war for Josh Hamilton, who I think will be the highest payed baseball player in history after this year.  If you do name Ruf your starting left fielder, you will have more money to invest in a center fielder or third baseman.  Mark Derosa and Kevin Youkilis are free agents, and the Phillies have shown interest in Nick Swisher, the Yankees star right fielder.  After the Phillies traded away Josh Singleton and a couple good pitching prospects to the Astros, they really do not have good prospects coming up besides Darin Ruf.  He dominated the minors, and has done very well when he has played in the majors.  The Phillies should gove him a chance in the start of next if they do not get anybody in the offseason because he is their best option, and he has a very bright future.

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