Training camp is in a full swing and Collins is mixing and matching lineups to see who fits with whom. I just hope that Doug was not that serious about starting Hawes next to Bynum. Well, how can say this nicely? Hawes is “Mr. Softy”. By the way, Hawes could be Gasol? Doug you funny…

With that said, I figured to see what the depth chart might look like. There are a couple of spots that are locked down, point guard with Holiday and center with Bynum. I know Doug said that Turner will start at the three but you know how their relationship is.  Here is who I would start at the 2, 3 and 4 positions.

SG- J-Rich

Some may think Nick Young would be good here as well. Young was signed to take over Lou’s spot and that is what he will do. Young’s game is perfect for the sixth-man spot.  You could throw Wright into the conversation. Though I think his game is perfect coming off the bench. J-Rich makes the most sense. He brings that veteran presence/stability to the starting lineup. J-Rich even at his age still can show off his “J”.

SF. Turner

It is time for my “Man Crush” to deliver. He could be primed for a big season. Turner brings a lot of the same skills as Iggy did for this team at three spot. Turner is not the elite defender as “Dre’ is but he is still a solid one. Turner’s offensive game is better. He can get any shot he wants on the court because of his handle. Obviously, his issue is knocking down a open jumper. Here’s hoping that he carries the momentum from his post-season run into this year or he could make me look like a moron.

PF. Allen

Hawes is to slow (defensively) to start at the 4 position even though he has the offensive skill set to complement Bynum. Against bigger teams you might see Hawes and Bynum or Kwame on the floor together. Did I just say that you could see Hawes and Kwame on the floor together? OK, I am going to pretend I did not say that. Thad is good at times at the 4 spot, especially when he does not have to bang with the big boys down low. The answer to me is Allen. His game is a nice complement to Bynum.  Allen has nice pick and pop game. This allows Thad to be Thad. Thad is a match-up problem for most teams coming off the bench. Yes, I am basing my decision on a nice playoff run by Lavoy. What?

One of the other question marks on this team is the backup PG spot. As of right now it’s Royal Ivey.  ESPN’s player rankings actually had Ivey ranked higher than 124 players. Someone had to be hammered when they did his ranking. Turner is essentially the backup PG though. He will slide there at times.

Here is my depth chart.

PG.  Holiday-Turner-Ivey-Wayns

SG.  J-Rich-N.Young

SF.  Turner-Wright-Thad

PF.  Allen-Thad-Hawes-Moultrie

C.  Bynum-Hawes-Brown

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