By now, we have all seen the ending of the game at Pittsburgh, and we are all asking the same question: “What if Vick had not fumbled that time going in to the end zone?” Well, as it all stands right now, the team is 3-2, which is a BIG improvement from the horrible start from last season. The team can begin to look ahead to next week’s opponent, Detroit. On paper, when this game was first seen on the schedule, it looked like it might be a pretty good match-up. But, with Detroit experiencing some problems, and the Eagles looking to go into their bye week on a high note…..AND…..the game is at Lincoln Financial, I still like the team’s chances and what the rest of their season will look like. Once the bye week is over, then there are a lot of games ahead on the schedule that the Eagles should find ways to win.

I understand that Vick is taking a beating on a weekly basis. I understand that many people feel that Coach Reid is calling way too many passes versus runs. But, I didn’t see or hear anyone complaining when thay West-Coast style worked so well against the Giants last week, a game which the Eagles ultimately won. In fact, just by a cursory look at the schedule, one could certainly make the argument that the Eagles are playing through the toughest part of their schedule right now, and they still sit at 3-2.

Sure, it’s not 4-1, which would look REALLY nice in the standings right now. But, playing a cross-state rival that knows they HAVE to win coming out of their bye week, in their OWN backyard, and we took them down to the wire. Yes, I would have liked to see Vick hold on to the ball. Yes, I would have liked to see the Eagles win today. But, the season is still far from over. Yes, this one will sting a little. But, let it sting for today, and begin to focus on Detroit on Tuesday. That should be the team’s motto this week…..”Defend home turf…..go into the bye 4-2″. It’s still WAY to early to call this one, but I still like what lies ahead for the Eagles.

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