Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Ruben Amaro Jr. letting Chase Utley play third base towards the end of the 2012 season.  The closest he got, was fielding balls in Houston, however not throwing over to first.  Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of all this talk.  Utley can barely throw the ball from second base, and even if they solve their third base problem, then they would have to fill second base.  There is no question that Utley is athletic and skillful, but it is not that easy just to switch positions.  Utley has played second base since college, and I do  not see a quick adjustment in him.  He also has lifetime patterns that he learned while playing second base.  For instance, after fielding a ball, he typically holds onto it for a while to make sure his throw is under control.  Also, he has that sidearm style throwing motion, which he would have to change is he moved to third base.  And who can forget his famous glove flip to snag fast runners.  It is clear, Utley could probably switch and not have many problems, however there will be times where he may go back to hold habits, or just look confused in different situations.  The problem is, this year there are not many good free agents in the third base market, which means the Phillies will probably look into outfielders, and not put much time in adding somebody at the corner.  Although you would love to see David Wright in red pinstripes, the New York Mets will most likely pick up his option.  Otherwise, it is hard to tell who the Phillies will have playing third base on opening day 2013.  One benefit to Utley playing third would mean Freddy Galvis would have a chance to be a starting second basemen, as he has a bright future to come.  And I certainly do not want Placido Polanco playing third next year.  You could see the Phillies get Brandon Inge to play third, and then invest a lot of money towards the outfield, such as players like Michael Bourn and Grady Sizemore.  Additionally, I would love for the Phillies to trade for Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles, but that will never happen, or if it did, the entire farm system would be gone.  However, it is clear that although some of the missing pieces in the lineup is a problem, Chase Utley’s is not, as he will continue to play the position he knows best: second base.

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