John Mitchell of Sports is reporting that Andrew Bynum will undergo another knee procedure. Sixers coach Doug Collins broke the news Sunday night that the Sixers’ newly acquired big man will be receiving an injection in his right knee before the regular season starts.

Andrew Bynum’s agent, David Lee, later clarified that the procedure is non-invasive and actually routine for Bynum. John Mitchell quotes Lee as saying “Just look at it as lubrication for his knees.”

He further explained, “He’s had them in previous years… Look at it as WD-40, for lack of a better way of explaining it. He gets them at the start of the season, and he gets them at the all-star break. It’s noninvasive and has nothing to do with the treatment he received in Germany.”

So fret not, Sixers fans. This is a procedure he’s had in the past (contrary to what some Lakers fans may have you believe) and it has nothing to do with his plasma injections he received recently in Germany.

The new-look Sixers, still sans Bynum, continue their preseason journey tonight against the Celtics. That game can be viewed at 7pm on Comcast Sportsnet.

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