So is Evan Turner a bust? I mean if you asked 50 people half of them will likely say yes. I am on the side that he is not, simply because of how he is used. OK, fine. I might have a little bit of a “Man-Crush” on him. I will pretend I did not just say that.

Doug and Evan have had a very odd relationship. Doug chose to sit and make an example out of Evan when he was not playing well. Turner would often seem to pout because of this and at times he would be looking over his shoulder to see if he was coming out after turning the ball over.
Most top picks get a chance to develop on the court. They are able to learn from their mistakes by playing through them. In Evan’s case not so much. For example, during the month of February last season Turner only averaged 20 minutes a game. Overall last season he is averaged 26 minutes a game. Just to prove my point here are some of his 2010 draft classmates that averaged more minutes than him. Gordon Hayward 30.4 minutes a game, John Wall 36.2 minutes a game, Greg Monroe 31.5 minutes a game, and DeMarcus Cousins 30.5 minutes a game.Obviously, they were able to play through some growing pains. The thing is, Turner is going into his third season and we still don’t fully know what we have in him. If Doug played him as he should have we would know.


I will give Doug this, he finally let Turner loose in the playoffs. Evan did show growth. He showed toughness and that he is not scared of a big moment. Turner was public enemy number 1 against the Bulls and played well. He was booed every time he touched the ball in Chicago. Against Boston he did not shoot the ball well, but he showed grit, including the game winning layup in Game 2.

Yes, I know Turner’s jumper is ugly as hell. He just needs to perfect what he’s got. Is Turner ever going to be a great jump shooter? The answer to that is most likely no. He could still become a solid shooter, but he is at his best when he is attacking the rim though.

He worked very hard this off-season. He was getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning during the week. He was on the court for an hour and half then he went to the gym to lift. Then he was back on the court until noon time. He worked on going to his left and his catch and shoot. Fingers crossed..

This is the year that we will finally find out if Turner is a bust or not. I am banking on that he can carry that confidence he got in last years playoffs into this year. Everywhere Turner has been he has been a slow starter before he took off, high school, college and now the NBA. Here’s hoping the trend continues or I just look like a moron.


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