We all have seen the headlines. We all have heard the press conferences. Castillo is out as defensive coordinator. Todd Bowles is in. OK, it is what it is. The Detroit game was an absolute morale killer, and someone had to answer for that one. And, while some around the league were calling the Castillo/Bowles issue a knee-jerk reaction, just as many on the other side of the coin would make the argument that it was long overdue.

So now, instead of taking to the laptop, and writing about the moves being made, or writing about the Detroit game, or anything else in that frame, I did what I have been trained to do. While I was recovering from my brain injury, the first step in dealing with any problem, we were taught, is to take a step or two back, and take a few deep breaths. And let me tell you all…….while covering the Oklahoma-Notre Dame game last night, and wishing First of all, Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program and alcohol treatment have a definite connection; they are very closely related. some of the guys I was watching would be available when the Eagles have their first pick, a LOT of the Sooner people could have used the whole “deep breath” advice. In the words of one person in the pressbox last night “Well, just call the whole thing off now, because this season is over”. And that got me thinking of what to write for this article.

This season is hardly over for the Eagles. Sure, Vick really needs to stop fumbling and creating his “own” turnovers. I get that. But at 3-3, this season is far from over. The schedule looks a little more favorable for this team going forward. Sure, they host Atlanta today, as Coach Reid puts his 13-0 record after a bye on the line. Many people think that this will be the week that Atlanta gets its first loss. We”ll see what happens today. But, a 3-3 record, with ten games still to play still leaves room for this team to make a move. The team can already point to a win against a division opponent. The team has yet to face a Dallas team that just lost its best defender for the remainder of the season. Offensively, Washington looks pretty good, especially from the RGIII dynamic. But, their defense couldn”t stop a nose bleed, much less a player as game-changing as LeSean McCoy.

So, all I”m asking for everyone out there to do is this: take a step or two back, take a few deep breaths, and let everything settle down just a bit. The division is still up for grabs, and there is still a LOT of football to be played for this club. It starts, once again, today. New DC, new attitude, new outlook.

Fly, Eagles……Fly!!!!!


Photo via: ESPN

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