I want everyone reading this today to think of a simple glass, sitting on a table. Now, imagine that glass, with a line at the mid-way mark. Fill this glass with water right up to that half-way line. Now, take a step back and just look at the glass.

Some will see the glass as half empty. There’s still room for water, but no water is there. Those same people might also view the current season as a complete lost cause, and that is certainly their right. 3-5 is not a good place to be, sitting at the mid-way point of the season.

Now, other people might see that same glass as half-full. There is still room for water, just as there is still room and time for this Eagles team to make some noise in the NFC. Last season, the team made a late run, but that type of run has to be made, starting now. And, what better way to start a run than by beating the Cowboys at home next week.

Did the team play poorly last night? Again, it all depends on how one is viewing the glass. I liked the imagination on the special-teams play, even though it was called back. I liked the running back rotation that was going on. And, I certainly liked the way DeSean Jackson outran everyone on the way to the end zone.

Now, if I go to the other side of the table, I hate the O-line. But, I can make an argument that, in the NFL, every team goes through injuries. Sure, the Eagles have had more than their fair share at this particular spot. But, it is pretty glaring when your quarterback is getting drilled time and time again. I can say that I hate the way the defense is playing, trying way too much to strip the ball away from someone, rather than just getting someone to the ground. And, I can say that, when I have moved the ball all over the field through the ground game, once I get near the end zone, I’m not dropping back to throw.

But then again, it all depends on what side of the table you, as an Eagles fan, are looking at the glass. I like to think that the Eagles can still turn it around, and make a run in the second half. I like to think that, somewhere, deep down in guys like Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins and DeMeco Ryans…..pride will kick in, and they will just begin to play completely out of their minds. I also like to think that somewhere in the Eagles complex, Andy Reid is telling Marty Mornhinweg to go back to the offense that beat the Giants; the short two and three step drops, hit Jeremy Maclin and Jackson on some slants and stop routes, and let them make plays in space.

Each season has its ups and downs. Sure, the Eagles have experienced a lot of downs through the first half. Hopefully, the team can put it all behind them, and focus on the upside of what a great second half of the season can bring. It’s all still there. It just depends on what side of the table they all view the glass.

Fly, Eagles…….Fly!!!!!!!!!


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