Three hours of heightened pedestrianism awaits local Hawaiians.

The annual Pro Bowl attracts relatively large TV ratings, and serves as a global exhibition. It allows Hawaiians to sample a taste of the true league, by assembling all major icons into two hodgepodges.

Then, the “action” begins.

Players stroll along on sloppy deep routes, then leap to attempt to catch the pass. Usually, they drop it and dawdle back to the “huddle”.

The NFL Pro Bowl has become a laughing stock among all professional sports. Fans have grown restless from the insulting lack of effort and intrigue to the game. Players dog along, fearing serious injury. Ultimately, they halt all exertions and treat the whole affair as a joke.

The NFL needs to end this mockery of their own pastime. The players are not at fault for this decline in play; they need to avoid injury so as to not compromise their team’s chances. The league needs to create an alternate event, some semblance of an awards ceremony, Grammy’s style. To continue local support, the fans can be given player access before and after the event. This new showcase would eliminate the impulsive boredom drawn from the half-paced flag football game currently played.

After all, those Hawaiian football fans need something to cheer about.

One Comment

  1. Mike

    January 28, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    The Pro Bowl is more for the players than the fans. The experience, the chance to play with guys who they would never otherwise get the chance to play with. They’re not out their to prove how good they are. They’ve proven that by being invited TO the Pro Bowl. They are out there to have fun.

    Even still, the Pro Bowl gets high ratings. Have you ever been to it LIVE? In person? If not, do so. And then tell people it sucks.

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