In my last posting, I championed the team favoring Nick Foles as the full-time starter over Michael Vick. This was the week of the Dallas game, when suddenly, Foles became “Captain Checkdown”, and was eventually knocked from the game due to a concussion. As a result, Vick returned to the game, was ineffective, replaced by Matt Barkley, and well, you know the rest of the story.
The following week, Vick was re-installed as the starter, and promptly injured himself again. Now, we all know Vick isn”t the most durable of signal callers; his style and his game do not lend to him playing a full season. And, in his somewhat advanced age, things tend to break a little more often then they once did.
And, therein lies the real issue: at 33, Vick isn”t the runner he once was, despite his claim of beating LeSean McCoy in a race. So, as we all watch Vick slowly deteroriate, the only one that doesn”t seem to “get it” is Vick himself. We all could do certain things when we were younger. I, myself, am 43. I could do plenty of things 20 years ago. But now? No, thank you. I know my limitations. Vick doesn”t seem to know his.
So, now the season is in a state of flux. The NFC East is open for the taking. Foles showed his mettle casino online and worth against the Raiders last week, throwing for 7 TD”s in a game. And, say all you want, national critics. The guy threw for 7 scores. He tied Peyton Manning. Is anyone making the claim that Foles” body of work is greater than, or equal to that of Manning? Certainly not. But, give the guy his due for the game he had.
Green Bay is next up on the schedule. Had Packers QB Aaron Rodgers been healthy, this could have been a bit of a problem, but he is not as he is out with a broken collar bone, giving the Eagles an absolute golden opportunity to steal a game on the road, before coming home to once again, face the Redskins. Two wins, and you”re sitting 6-5, heading into your bye week. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your families, Eagles.
After that, to borrow a line from “Around The Horn” frequent guest, Woody Page: “Look at the schedule people!”.

4-1 is possible in that last five game stretch for the Eagles, but it all is going to depend on head coach Chip Kelly keeping Foles in as the starter of this team. The team had a spark. They had drive. They were crisp. Foles understands his role as the quarterback is not to lead the team in rushing. Let McCoy and Bryce Brown handle that. Foles uses his entire arsenal of weapons: Zack Ertz, Brent Celek, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, DeSean Jackson, McCoy….everyone gets involved, and it becomes difficult for opponents to lock down on one or two certain players. Vick focuses way too much, for my taste, on his primary target, telegraphing where he intends to throw.

Keep Foles in there. If he falls flat, then, so be it. But, sooner or later, the team is going to have to move on from Michael Vick. It”s the way of the world in the NFL. Instead of dragging it out, through media drama and such, just get it all over with now, and concentrate stacking up a few more wins. After last season, Eagles fans deserve that much.

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