As the season closes, the Sixers must be thinking about their offseason moves. Out of the 2015 free agents for the Sixers, here is a look at who they should keep and who they should let seep.

These players are not free agents this season: Embiid, Noel, Aldemir, Wroten, Covington, Grant, Thompson, Canaan, Sampson.


Ish Smith

You’re probably wondering, if we already have a plethora of guards on payroll (Wroten, Canaan, Thompson) and most likely multiple draftees, why resign Smith? Well, it is not hard to see that Ish has been fantastic here in Philadelphia. He is averaging 12.4 points, 6 assists, and 1.2 steals. His chemistry has been great. Smith has said before that him and Noel have an unbreakable bond on the court. They clicked ever since the first game and Noel’s play has significantly risen since the emergence on Ish. I would love to sign Smith to a 1 year deal with a team option, as a way to extend his tryout with Canaan (will be a free agent in the 2016 offseason). I feel like both of these guys will not be the superstars, but either could be fantastic role players. However, unfortunately, I cannot see Hinkie keeping three point guards, assuming that they chose one in this upcoming draft. But he should extend Smith’s contract and allow him some more time to prove himself as a potential future piece of the Sixers.

Luc Mbah a Moute

The Sixers need a veteran on their team. They cannot have a team full of young inexperienced players. They need a teammate who can give them a perspective that connects to them and someone who has been in their situation. Sure, I bet you could find better and more productive veterans, but Mbah a Moute is already experienced with the Sixers. He knows the system, the way things work, and has a relationship with the players. If we are not going to be great next year, why not let Mbah a Moute stay and mentor these young guys for a little longer.

031715_thomas-robinson_600Thomas Robinson

Thomas Robinson has been fantastic and hard fighting in his time with Philadelphia. In a mere 18 minutes a game, he has been able to average 8 points and nearly 8 rebounds. While he is on the floor, Robinson grabs 30% of the available defensive rebounds. To put it in perspective, DeAndre Jordan (the league leader in rebounds) corrales about 32.5% of the defensive rebounds available. Wow. How can we pass that away? He plays hard and is more than efficient. There is no way the Sixers cannot extend his contract with that productivity.


Glenn Robinson III

Robinson has been unproductive in his time with Philadelphia. Playing only 12 minutes a game, he has put up a mere 3 points. Do not expect much more. In his time with Minnesota, he played in only 25 games, posterizing only 1 point per outing. Ouch.

Jason Richardson

I have heard from a source close to Hinkie that the staff loves Richardson, but I think J-Rich is just about done his career. Injuries have hampered him and I do not see him having any drive to want to finish off his playing days on a losing team. I also do not think the Sixers need another veteran player. They have to keep that space for the young guys they find in the draft. Mbah a Moute is suitable and younger, meaning he could actually be a potential role player when the Sixers are successful. Richardson does not have that wiggle room. Lastly, J-Rich fills a position (guard) where the Sixers already have a plethora of talent. His services will be stealing playing time from potential prospects that could be instrumental in a championship banner unlike himself.

Henry Sims

Henry Sims has not been terrible. But he’s getting there. Sim’s stats have significantly decreased since the earlier part of the season. Throughout October and November, Sims averaged nearly 25 minutes a game. In April, he has averaged a little more than 12 minutes an outing. He has logged multiple DNP’s and has seen his stats decrease as his minutes have lessened. It’s never a good sign to lose productivity and playing time as the season progresses. That means he is getting worse. I do not see any reason to bring back Sims and I would rather use that money to extend a contract to another potential prospect.

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  1. Charles

    April 14, 2015 at 8:25 PM

    I also think Ish Smith comes back. Everybody says that the Sixers will draft either Mudiay or Russell, but I don’t see Hinkie drafting based on need and neither of them seem worthy of a top 5 pick given the extreme depth of the PG position in the NBA. I think the Sixers will draft a wing: either Mario or Winslow, with possibly a big like Porzingis as a surprise dark horse pick. They’ll roll with Ish given his solid chemistry with Noel and let Canaan and Pierre Jackson fight it out for a backup role in training camp. With likely 3-4 first rounders in next year’s draft, they can make another attempt at a PG again in the near future if a worthy prospect is available.

    I think Thomas Robinson should only be kept if he agrees to sign a very team friendly deal: either a long-term deal for a small salary or a very short term deal with a team option. His physical ability, strength, and explosiveness is undeniable. But for every tough rebound he rips down, he’ll try and do something stupid on the court like push the ball himself through traffic or throw up a contested jumper rather than kicking out the rebound and resetting the offense. In terms of his rebounding ability, he might be the closest thing to Dennis Rodman I’ve seen in recent years, but his basketball IQ is off the charts stupid. There’s an obvious reason why multiple teams have given up on him so quickly. Odds are that he’s never going to change, but if he’s willing to sign a team-friendly deal, it’s worth a bet. One of the reasons I’m higher on Furkan being a better long-term rotation big is that even though his physical ability and upside is much lower than T-Rob’s, I trust him a lot more to make the smart pass in the offense and set good screens and kick out rebounds and all of that stuff that backups need to be able to excel at. With an offseason in a real NBA strength training program, I see him being stronger next year.

    I can live with Luc returning next year, though I think it’s going to be a bit awkward for him when his minutes and role decreases. If Covington and Grant both return, there’s not going to be much extra time playing time available so he might end up unhappy.

  2. Aaron

    April 13, 2015 at 8:33 PM

    Get this money. Good read.

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