Over the past week, Philadelphia has been craving a chance to draft Chip Kelly’s protege Marcus Mariota. While the scenario seems far from certain, rumors and speculation hint at a possible move. Below is the first 20 picks of the 2015 NFL Draft, if the fairy tales listed in the movie “Draft Day” do in fact come true Thursday night.

#1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston

Seems all but certain now. Winston being selected will be one of the more insignificant moments of this draft.

#2: Philadelphia Eagles

Marcus Mariota

Titans trade 2nd overall pick to the Eagles, and receive the 12th overall pick, 20th overall pick, LB Mychal Kendricks, DE Fletcher Cox, and Eagles 2016 first-round pick. Browns trade 12th overall pick to Eagles, and receive QB Sam Bradford and 5th-round pick. Eagles trade QB Sam Bradford. LB Mychal Kendricks, DE Fletcher Cox, and Eagles 2016 first-round pick for 2nd overall pick.

A few weeks back, The Nashville Tennessean’s David Climer reported that the Titans still believe strongly in Zach Mettenberger, stating that they view him as “the poor man’s Brady.” Assuming this is true, it seems unlikely the Titans would use the pick to take Mariota, and would rather add picks to plug more holes across their team. 

The Titans hold their pick up for a bidding war, and the Chip Kelly outbids the Browns. Considering his propensity to go “all in” this offseason, the Browns will surely back out, and settle for investing a first round pick in Bradford and a fifth.

#3: Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Williams

Gus Bradley continues to build his defense. Since Terrance Knighton left, they have lacked a beefy space-eater in the middle of the line.

#4: Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper

The smart pick would be Dante Fowler, but knowing the Raiders’ tendency to fall for athletic wide receivers (such as Darrius Heyward-Bey with the 7th-overall pick), Oakland will take Cooper.

#5: Washington Redskins

Dante Fowler

Having lost Brian Orakpo to free agency, the Redskins select Fowler to add to their pass rush.

#6: St. Louis Rams

Ereck Flowers

Jets trade 6th overall pick, and receive 110th overall pick and 2nd-round pick in 2016. 

The Jets trade back with their eye on RB Todd Gurley. The Rams try to rectify the problems that faced with protecting Sam Bradford, and take Flowers to help Foles stay on his feet.

#7: Chicago Bears

Danny Shelton

The Bears defense, which seems to have lost most of it’s cows in the past few years, adds a solid player in the middle of the line in Shelton.

#8: Atlanta Falcons

Trae Waynes

The Falcons add to a thin cornerback position, and help bolster their pass defense.

#9: New York Giants

Brendon Scherff

The Giants help Eli Manning age a bit slower by adding a bookend tackle to protect him.

#10: New York Jets

Todd Gurley

The Jets have had some reported interest, and fulfill that interest by taking the future below of the offense.

#11; New Orleans Saints

Kevin White

Vikings trade 11th overall pick, and receive 13th overall pick and 4th round pick.

The Vikings drop back two spots as an arms race opens to select Kevin White, who falls outside of the top 10. The Saints win the race, and select White to try to help out Drew Brees, who usually has a archest of receivers to throw to.

#12: Tennessee Titans

The Titans  use their first of two 1st-round picks to select DeVante Parker, adding a weapon to their mediocre offense.

#13: Minnesota Vikings

Melvin Gordon

The Vikings improved greatly in their pass offense in free agency, and now ad a running back to complete their offensive makeover. Teddy Bridgewater thats the football gods for his run of good fortune.

#14: Miami Dolphins

Andus Peat

The Dolphins add a tackle to protect Ryan Tannehill, allowing him to use his newly-acquired receivers.

#15: San Francisco 49ers

Arik Armstead

Reported interest in the Oregon product. Amsted could add a strong presence in the 49ers defense up the middle, allowing the pass rushers to attack the backfield.

#16: Houston Texans

Phillip Dorsett

The Texans lost Andre Johnson recently, and take a gamble on the controversial Dorsett to try and replace him in their offense. 

#17: San Diego Chargers

Malcolm Brown

The Chargers take Brown to add a talented lineman to their defense,e one who was projected to be taken earlier. Best player on board trumps need.

#18: Detroit Lions

Vic Beasley

Chiefs trade 18th overall pick, and receive 23rd overall pick, and 4th-round pick.

The Lions move up to take Beasley, and replenish the pass rush on their defense.

#19: Arizona Cardinals

Eric Kendricks

Browns trade 19th overall pick, and receive 24th overall pick, 4th-round pick, and 5th-round pick.

The Cardinals move up and add some pass rush to their defense, which already possesses a stellar secondary.

#20: Tennessee Titans

Jalen Collins

The Titans select Collins to add to their defensive backfield, after fortifying their front seven throughout the offseason.


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