Today, Andre Blake took to the podium as the guest player during the weekly press conference.  When asked over the phone by a reporter, if he was ever worried during the strange process of first being drafted then Rais, now the pressure of the situation the team is in needing points-three points.(note Question paraphrased)  Andre Blake gave the following response.  ” Yeah I just think it’s the Andre Blake story.  You know sometimes you have to go through tough times to build character I just think um it’s the year for me and hopefully something great is coming down the line.”

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That first line in his response grabbed me.  The Andre Blake story. He’s right it’s been a story.  Let’s go back to January 2014.  The 2014 MLS Super Draft was right here in Philadelphia at the Convention Center.  A large contingent of Union Fans were in the conference hall awaiting the Union’s first pick.  I’m pretty confident, I wasn’t the only fan in attendance, shocked to hear the Philadelphia Union had traded up to get the number one spot to acquire a Goal keeper Andre Blake.  There were many  stunned fans.  I found myself  confused at first and then they showed the following highlight film. Yes, it’s just a highlight film.  However, after I watched that 3-minute video I began to understand, to see what may have been the thought process for acquiring Andre Blake.  The athletic ability displayed in that video was just amazing.  Mr. Blake’s reactions to close range shots were impressive.

In 2014 he started in one MLS game.  The results of that game Houston Dynamo 2-0 Philadelphia Union.  The following highlights will show moments of pure athletic ability stopping shots.  It will also show a young keeper making a couple of rookie mistakes.

After watching this video maybe we see why Rais M’ bolhi was so hard to pass up.

During the off-season the front office decided to loan Zack Macmath to the Colorodo Rapids .  This made Andre Blake the presumed second keeper.  This is until Blake under went knee surgery in February.  The team benched  Rais M’bolhi.   By some insane amount of bad luck, when Andre Blake could be given his second chance as the starting goal keeper, he re-injures his knee.   Now here we are, Blake had a good game in Montreal last Saturday night.  Andre is getting his next opportunity to shine this weekend against the New England Revolution 8/29 7 pm on the Comcast Network.  Let’s watch and see, what is in store in the next chapter of the Andre Blake Story.

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