The rumors will already out there as I pulled into Maidana’s driveway last Friday. I knew the subject would surface at some point during our round of golf. The possibility of him not playing in Philadelphia was starting to look like a reality. So I did what I thought best.. I wouldn’t be the one to bring it up. Just helped him load the clubs in the back of the car, and got on our way. The ride was going to be 45 minutes, so I knew it was unavoidable.  Then it came out: he said that he loved playing in Philadelphia. I told him, that it was just a rumor, but deep inside I think we both knew. I then told him that today was about golf.

We played a decent round, sharing laughs and family stories. With no mention of what could happen but could tell it was on his mind. After 18 holes, we headed home. I could see him checking his phone for any news, but I wouldn’t let him think about it. Bringing up funny times that his son Ben, and my son Nick were going to have. My older son John, keeps Cristian is high admiration. And I am ok with that.

The story of how we met is a great story, and one that I will share for on a later post. The highlight is that our families were now close. Even going to pick fruit together. His wife and mine were texting each other during every game. The whole family were good people. I’ll never forget the round of Foot Golf that our families played together.

But then came my drive into work this past Monday. My phone was going crazy with texting from my friends saying sorry. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. Then I got the message from him. Damn…

I messaged him back and forth, and I could tell he was upset. It’s part of the business. I knew that I had to call my son and tell him. I had already prepped him for the bad news, telling him just because Chaco wasn’t going to be in Philly anymore, does not mean we will lose the friendship. I called my wife, and she said she told him. He took the news well, asking when are we going to Houston to see a game? That’s when it really hit me. Maidana was leaving. It will be a different experience for my family going to The Park formerly known as PPL. But I am a Union fan. I traded in my “Bleed Green” mentality for “DOOP!”

Do I like what Earnie has done to the team? Not so far. But I have to trust him. I have to come to reality that I am a Union Fan till the day I die. I have no idea what I am going to to with all my sons Maidana jerseys, but I will tell him to wear them proud. I can tell you that our next Union jerseys will not have a name on them, perhaps S.O.B. on the back. I also tell my son that we will call Cristian after his games in Houston to congratulate him on what I’m sure will be success.

So to Beli, Cristian, his family, and Botas.. I wish you all the best. I want  to thank you all for being there for my family. The memories will last a lifetime.  I know we will be seeing each other in the future. Houston has not only been awarded a very good soccer player, but the will welcome a great family.

And to the boys in Blue… Let’s do this. DOOP

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  1. Bozo

    December 14, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    Is it hard to type with one hand?

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