With the NBA Draft officially one week away, we are one week from finding out who NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will announce as the 76ers’ selection at No.1. For the entire draft process, it has been between two similar, yet very different players. Those two players are Ben Simmons from LSU and Brandon Ingram from Duke. Yesterday, the Sixers held a private workout for one of those players, Ingram, in an effort to make sure they do all they can to make the right selection.

Between fans and media members, Simmons has been the slight favorite and the consensus is that the Sixers themselves are leaning more towards Simmons. But the Sixers need to do their due diligence on both players, and they hosted Ingram for a private workout at the team’s practice facility on Monday. Ingram also spent Sunday night with Brett Brown and other members of the Sixers organization, including Joel Embiid. Ingram was spotted at dinner in downtown Philadelphia with Brown, Embiid, and others.

The Sixers had Ingram on the team’s practice court for over an hour yesterday doing a variety of drills. Ingram showed off his wide variety of skills yesterday. Ingram is listed at 6’9″ and 195 lbs., but the 195 lbs. is a bit generous as the one knock on Ingram is that his skinny frame might get pushed around by the NBA players he will now be going up against.

Ingram’s length and ability to shoot the ball is what stands out above others. Ingram’s 7’3″ wingspan allows him to get his shot off over any defender, and Ingram shoots the ball very well. He shot the ball from over 40% from deep in his only season at Duke. Ingram also rebounded the ball at Duke, despite playing the 4 position the entire year and being outweighed by most of the other big men he was going up against. Ingram grabbed 10 rebounds in Duke’s 74-73 upset victory at heavily favored North Carolina during the regular season. UNC was one of the biggest college teams in recent years, as they had three solid big men that were dominant on the boards.

Ingram’s best quality, however, is his ability to score the ball. Ingram showed the ability to create his own shot and take over games at times. Whenever Duke needed someone to step up and bring them back into a game. Going back to the UNC game, Duke got down 68-60 with 10 minutes left in the game and all the momentum was swung towards UNC. Ingram proceeded to score on the Duke’s next three possessions, creating his own shot, and brought Duke back within two, 68-66.

The Sixers had several current members of the team in attendance for Ingram’s solo workout, including Embiid, Robert Covington, Nik Stauskas, and Jahlil Okafor. Ingram had the chance to catch up and chat with some of the players after his workout. Ingram called the workout “great”, saying “it went very well.” The Sixers have also seen Ingram work out, along with others, in New York last month. Ingram had also previously worked out privately for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Ingram seemed to enjoy his time in Philly and would be gracious and hard-working for whatever team drafted him. Ingram would provide an immediate scoring punch for the Sixers, something they desperately need. Ingram also has the potential to become go-to scoring wing the franchise has been lacking for years.

Sixers team president Bryan Colangelo said after the workout that Ingram was everything the team thought he was, and that they were very impressed. Colangelo called Ingram “silky smooth, fluid.” The general consensus is that Colangelo and other members of the Sixers front office prefer Simmons, despite not having Simmons in town for a private workout yet. Colangelo has said that team is working on trying to bring in Simmons for a similar workout.

Photo: c/o Sixes via Twitter (www.twitter.com/Sixers)

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