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As you may or may not know by now, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the MLS has kicked off a campaign to support the cause. The MLS does a brilliant job drawing awareness to this horrible disease that  will affect 250,000 children world wide this year. That’s almost 700 new cases everyday. No child should be made to suffer, and the MLS is going all out to help fund a cure. Some examples of what they are doing:

  1. Social Media- Fans are encouraged to post images on Instagram and Twitter using the #ScarvesUp hashtag. For each post submitted,  MLS will donate $1 to Children’s Oncology Group
  2. Club Initiatives- MLS clubs will recognize and honor children fighting cancer. (I like the “will” in lieu of “can”)
  3. Pregame attire- MLS players and referees will wear Kick Childhood Cancer t-shirts during on-filed pregame activities, coaches and trainers will wear the Kick Childhood Cancer scarves during the match, and all players will have the patch on their jersey
  4. Equipment- Each Match in September will feature gold soccer nets, along with corner flags
  5. Game-worn memorabilia- Starting Sept.23rd, and running till Oct. 3rd, fans will have the opportunity to bid on exclusive memorabilia during an online auction at the Kick Childhood Cancer site.
  6. Merchandise- The MLS has asked designer Sophia Chung to create a Kick Childhood Cancer scarf for each of the MLS clubs, with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Oncology Group. They are available at, and select in-stadium retailers.

So this is what the MLS is requiring of clubs. What does the front office of The Philadelphia Union do? They say “not enough”. I first need to tell you about 2 standout players from The Union. The first being rookie Taylor Washington. I am new to the story, so forgive my ignorance. Taylor has become friends with 7 year old Dominic Liples from Doylestown, Pa. Dominic is fighting anaplastic astrocytoma — a high grade and aggressive brain cancer that is rarely found in young children. I have included the link here:.

What I can tell you is that Dominic is smiling, and staying strong. And Taylor, kudos to you for being a human being. You have a lot to do with him winning this battle.

domtaylorphoto courtesy of Pray for Dominic

The next player I want to praise is keeper John McCarthy. He has become best friends with Cameron McCarthy of Aston, Pa. The internet is loaded with stories of this beautiful and courageous 8 year old. She was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma just over a year ago. John McCarthy heard of this, and immediately said that he wanted to meet her. Unlike the stories you here of athletes going to visit a patient in the hospital, John became close with the family, and made regular trips to visit her wherever she was. He even stepped up to aid in fundraisers for her fight. Here is a link for you to visit:

13255912_1750880155136078_7582604580390591892_nteamcamunionphoto courtesy of TeamCameron

I am happy to say that Cameron has kicked cancer’s butt, and John was extremely excited when he found this out. John and Cameron still remain friends, and her family and friends thank John every time we see him. John.. you the man.

But that’s still not enough for The Union. They are also participating in Alex’s Million Mile challenge. Information can be found on the Web. So use your hashtags. Visit the MLS store and purchase a scarf om your favorite club. And when you drive by an Alex’s Lemonade stand, consider taking that dollar of your pocket to not only help find a cure for this horrible disease, but to show that we can beat this, and we will beat this. With clubs like The Philadelphia Union backing us, We Will Win!



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