Well, that’s it for the 2016 NFL season for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles finished the season at 7-9 after beating the Dallas Cowboys in Philadelphia by a score of 27-13. Although the win technically didn’t mean much for either team, it always feels good to hand the Cowboys a loss. The Cowboys will advance into the playoffs, while the Eagles will finish the season with the exact same record that they finished with last year. That doesn’t mean that is a bad thing. The Eagles showed a lot of improvement and a ton of promise in a season that was thought by almost everyone to be a rebuilding campaign. The Cowboys game was a ton of fun to watch and it was a fitting end to a rollercoaster of a season. Here are my thoughts about the game.

Zach Ertz is really making a case as an elite tight end

After getting injured in the first game of the season and sitting out the bouts against Chicago and Pittsburgh, Ertz was able to rack up over 800 receiving yards and four touchdowns on the season. Of course, in Zach Ertz fashion, a lot of that production came in the month of December and the first day of January. In this game alone, Ertz racked up 13 catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns. He put on a monster show and torched the Cowboys while doing it. This season feels a bit different from the previous ones in which people thought he would break out because he seems to fully healthy and confident finally. Only time will tell though. Either way, Ertz was definitely the MVP of the game.

Jordan Hicks is still the Cowboy killer

Jordan Hicks is a monster linebacker. He will be a very good defensive piece for the Eagles for years to come. On top of that, Jordan Hicks is the most reliable player when it comes to playing Dallas. It seems like almost every game against Dallas, Jordan Hicks is putting on a very impressive performance. He did just that today. Hicks swarmed to the ball all game and was around the ball the entire game. He most notably intercepted two passes from Cowboys’ QB Mark Sanchez. One of those came at a time that Dallas was up by seven points. Hicks is a beast.

The Eagles need weapons

This is a blatantly obvious observation, but it is worth talking about at least briefly. Although there are hundreds of ways to dissect how bad the playmaker situation is in Philadelphia, I have a different way to look at it for a moment. Today, the Eagles heavily rotated in two undrafted rookie free agents at wide receiver in Paul Turner and Bryce Treggs. At running back, the Eagles almost exclusively rotated two undrafted players in Terrell Watson and Byron Marshall. A team should not be running with this many undrafted players unless they have proven themselves. I understand that the Eagles have suffered a ton of injuries, but this should highlight the dire situation at playmaker for Philadelphia.

This offseason is going to be wild

The Eagles have a lot of holes on their team. Some of them are glaring and others can be patched up until a later time. The dire need of playmakers, the lack of cornerback talent, and the offensive line situation are all issues that must be addressed before opening day of 2017. Howie is going to have to make a lot of moves in both free agency and in the draft to secure a solid future for the Birds. Its definitely doable, but it will be exciting and interesting to see how Roseman works his magic this offseason. I’m already gearing up for the draft, which is only four short months away.

Apparently Jeff McLane got ejected from the stadium

The details about the situation involving McLane are still relatively unknown, but there are a few facts that have been made clear. Apparently at one point in the press box, McLane and other writers were talking very loud trying to find out what penalty had been called. Because of this, an Eagles staffer told them to be quiet, which McLane and others objected to. According to Les Bowen of Philly.com, an Eagles security guard told McLane he was being ejected for the violating the “Fan Code of Conduct.” Many writers were extremely opposed to the ejection of McLane and made that clear on Twitter and other social media. Below is a tweet that is a screenshot of Bowen’s twitter feed of the incident.


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