We are just 4 days away from the first game of the 2017 MLB season, and for baseball fans everywhere, that means the return of so many great things in life that baseball brings. Spring weather, fun days at the ballpark, and the excitement of the games every night are a few reasons why this time of year is so much fun for baseball fans, but others are excited for a different reason. A new season of real baseball also means it’s a new season of fantasy baseball for those of us who love to play along.

A combination of different people from our teams here at Philadelphia Sports Nation have gotten together to form a fantasy baseball league of our own, and this past Sunday night, we drafted what we all hope are championship winning fantasy clubs. Here are the results of our draft. Let us know who you think has the best team heading into the season!

The teams are listed by draft order, starting with the first pick, which was Mike Trout, from Phillies Nation‘s own, Ryan Kim.

1st pick: Ryan Kim– Phillies Nation

2nd pick: Chris AlessandriniFlyers Nation

3rd pick: Skyler HoffnerUnion Nation

4th pick: Brandon Muzyka– Phillies Nation

5th pick: Matt KraftSixers Nation

6th pick: Colin Flohr– Flyers Nation

7th pick: Zac PerkinsEagles Nation

8th pick: Ricky WegrynCEO of Wegryn Enterprises/ Vansh Bansal– COO of Wegryn Enterprises

9th pick: Jack Pontin– Phillies Nation

10th pick: Tom Henry– Flyers Nation

11th pick: Dylan Pearlman– Phillies Nation

(It’s in bold not because I clearly have the best team, but because I couldn’t change it)

12th pick: Joey Merlino– Flyers Nation


So, who’s it going to be? Who do you guys think had the best draft? Let us know in the comments on this page or let us know on Twitter or Facebook what you think! Don’t be scared to tell us where we totally screwed up our picks either. We can handle it.


Every Wednesday, Phillies Nation will be providing you with feedback and input from a number of our team members, on one topic, on one single article. Stay tuned for next week’s writing!

Photo: Global Archive (Via: Flickr)

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