The week started with an interesting swap of defensemen between the Flyers and the Capitals. Flyers gave up heavy hitter Radko Gudas in return for a Stanley Cup veteran in Matt Niskanen. The move was a little shocking and didn’t seem to have great upside but got more experience on the back end.

Andrew MacDonald

Next, Fletcher continued working on the blue line and waived Andrew MacDonald for the purpose of buying him out. I am not quite sure how the Flyers defense is going to survive without the stud talent of MacDonald but I have faith Fletcher made the right choice on this one. All joking aside fans are excited to finally no longer have to watch Mac and move on; nowhere to go but up there.

Justin Braun

Earlier this week Flyers traded for Sharks defensemen, Justin Braun. To get Braun the Flyers gave up a few later round draft picks. Braun, age 32, is a solid veteran defenseman and is able to log big minutes if need be. Braun is expected to be a big key into the D core and will be a huge improvement over MacDonald; his veteran status will help mold the many young players on the Flyers defense.

Kevin Hayes

Last but not least Flyers officially signed Kevin Hayes. A few weeks ago the Flyers acquired the rights to Hayes but he was scheduled to become a free agent July 1st. This move allowed them to negotiate a contract and a deal was reached this week. The new deal locks Hayes in for 7 years for $50 million. This is a big move for the Flyers center depth which was in big need of some work.

Overall what a week for the Flyers. Many moves were made and Fletcher seems to be very active in the market going into the draft. It seems the fan base likes the deals for the most part aside from the Gudas move which didn’t seem to make much sense. Love what Fletch has done so far and with the draft still approaching he’s most likely not done yet.

Feautered Photo: Bruce Bennett, Getty Images
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