The Eagles made two big moves at running back this offseason, trading for Jordan Howard and drafting Miles Sanders. Meanwhile, running back Jay Ajayi, who has been with the team for the past two seasons, is still a free agent. However, there seems to be a chance Ajayi could still return to Philadelphia.

Ajayi’s lack of a market in free agency has been disappointing, and yet, not too surprising. Ajayi has a long history of knee injuries, and he suffered a torn ACL in week 5 last year that ended his season. The Indianapolis Colts did show some interest in Ajayi, and they eventually brought him in for a visit to their facilities, but they decided to go in a different direction by signing former Chiefs running back Spencer Ware.

It seemed there was a real chance Ajayi would go into the regular season without being signed, but now, there has been a subtle development in the situation.

Under an Instagram post of Ajayi, a fan commented, saying “just sign with the Eagles already.” Ajayi replied to the comment, saying “‘maybe'” with the “eyes” emoji next to it.

Obviously this is nothing official, and Ajayi doesn’t have complete say in the matter, but there is clearly interest (at least on one side of the matter).

The situation for the Eagles at running back has changed, too. Ajayi would no longer have to be the lead back anymore, which helps ease concerns about his reliability to stay healthy. Howard is set to be the lead back on early downs this year, while Sanders will have more of a role in the passing game, but is also viewed as the running back of the future.

If Ajayi can return to his old form, there is no question about his capability carrying the ball. Ajayi was dealt to the Eagles in 2017 for just a fourth-round pick, and he had instant success. In seven regular season games with the Eagles that season, Ajayi had 408 rushing yards on 70 carries, which is 5.8 yards per carry, and one touchdown. Ajayi was also a big factor in the teams running game in their run to a Super Bowl title.

In 2018, Ajayi appeared in just four games, running for 184 yards on 45 carries, which is 4.1 yards per carry, and three touchdowns.

There is no word on whether the Eagles would be interested in bringing back Ajayi, and the price would have to be right, but there is no question that a running back core of Howard, Sanders, Ajayi, and Corey Clement would be among the deepest in the league.

If the Eagles do decide to bring Ajayi back, they have plenty of money to do so (they currently have just more than $20 million in cap space), and Ajayi likely wouldn’t ask for very much.

The Eagles begin training camp on July 25, and they’ll get a sense there if they feel Ajayi could be of true use in the backfield. For now, fans will have some new and exciting rumors to pay attention to.

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