After signing Point-Guard Trey Burke on Thursday, July 25th, the 76ers appear to have their completed their 2019-2020 opening night roster.

Barring any surprising changes between now and the start of the regular season, the Sixers’ lineup will read as follows…

PG: Simmons – Burke – Neto

SG: Richardson – Smith – Milton

SF: Harris – Ennis – Thybulle – Korkmaz

PF: Horford – Scott

C: Embiid – O’Quinn – Bolden

2 Way: Pelle – Shayock

Elton Brand and the Sixer’s front office have assembled a great deal of depth and talent, that should be able to compete every single night. This team should be very dangerous defensively and will thrive in creating transition offense. Operating in the offensive half court may be ugly to start the season, as players are adjusting to their new roles. However, after initial chemistry throughout the starting 5 has grown, the Sixers will be able to attack opponents in a number of different ways.

The addition of Trey Burke has filled the last open roster spot that the Sixers were holding on to. This likely means that we are in for a quiet couple of weeks as Sixer’s fans until the regular season schedule is released later in the summer.

Until then, we continue to count down the days until Joel Embiid and the Sixers head onto the court for the tip-off of Opening Night.

Featured Image: Rone / Barstool Sports
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