Every NBA Season starts at the end of one year, and the beginning of another. That means that last year’s 2018-19 season was the last season that was entirely played in the 2010s. A group of experts voted on the best players that played for the Sixers this decade.
Let’s take a look at who made the 2010s All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team.

1st Team

Joel Embiid (2014-Present)

24.3 PPG – 11.4 RPG – 3.2 APG – 2.0 BPG
2-time All-NBA 2nd team member – 2-time All-defensive 2nd team member – 2-time All-Star

What is to be said about Joel that hasn’t been said already? Embiid is easily the best 76er since Allen Iverson. In the two and a half years he has been able to play in the NBA, he has established himself as one of–if not the best–Centers in the NBA. He has lead the Sixers on two playoff runs so far, making it to the second round both times.  “The Process” himself has given new life and meaning to basketball in Philadelphia.

Ben Simmons (2016-Present)

16.4 PPG – 8.5 RPG – 7.9 APG – 1.6 SPG
1-time All-Star – 2018 ROTY

Like Joel, Ben joined the Sixers and immediately established himself as one of the best in the league. Simmons has been the perfect partner in crime to Embiid. In both of his only two seasons in the NBA, he has been a major part of a 76ers’ playoff run. Simmons is by far the 2nd best 76er this decade, and he is only 23 with lots of room to improve.

Andre Iguodala (2004-2012)

15.3 PPG – 5.8 RPG – 4.9 APG – 1.7 SPG
1-time All-Star – 1-time All-Defensive 2nd team member

Although most of Iguodala’s time with the Sixers was during the 2000s, his best years arguably came in the couple of seasons in Philadelphia this decade. Most memorable was his 2011-2012 season. His lone All-Star appearance came in that year and he was the leader of the 8th-seeded 76ers. The 76ers upset the 1st-seed Chicago Bulls in the first round in a thrilling six-game series, then they took the Boston Celtics to another thriller, but ultimately lost in a seven-game series. Although Iguodala will be most remembered for his role on the dynasty Golden State Warriors when he retires, his years for the 76ers will never be forgotten in Philadelphia.

Jrue Holiday (2009-2013)

13.4 PPG – 5.8 APG – 3.6 RPG – 1.4 SPG
1-time All-Star

Jrue made an unexpected instant impact on the 76ers in just his first year with the team. The 17th overall pick quickly won the starting point guard role his rookie season. Just like Iguodala, Holiday made his first and only All-Star appearance in his last season in Philadelphia. Jrue was a bright young Guard when he was in Philly, and he has matured and become even better now on the New Orleans Pelicans.

Thaddeus Young (2007-2014)

13.7 PPG – 5.5 RPG – 1.4 SPG – 50% FG

Young played alongside Iguodala and Holiday for most of his time with the 76ers. Thaddeus was an underrated role player for the Sixers. He had and still has a very well-rounded game. A good defender, and a player with multiple ways to score. Although he was never an All-Star caliber player, he was an above-average starter that helped Philadelphia win a good-deal of playoff games.

2nd Team

Lou Williams (2005-2012)

11.3 PPG – 3.0 APG -2.0 RPG – 79.8% FT

The stats are nowhere near as pretty as what the current Lou Williams does, but that’s because before he became arguably one of the greatest 6th men of all-time, he was just a 2nd round pick coming directly out of high school to the NBA. In the later parts of his time in Philadelphia, he started to show his potential that made him the 3-time 6th man of the year he is today. Williams was a fan-favorite in Philly, who played a lot like Allen Iverson. He said that “About 80 percent of the style of how I play is a lot of things I picked up along the way of being his [Iverson’s] teammate,” according to an interview with Mark Medina.

Robert Covington (2014-2018)

12.9 PPG – 5.6 RPG – 1.6 SPG – 35.9% 3P
1-time All-Defensive 1st team member

Robert “RoCo” Covington was one of the few Sixers apart of “The Process” that got to experience its’ success. Covington grew a lot during his time in Philadelphia, joining the team after being undrafted and cut by the Houston Rockets. He developed into one of the best 3 and D players in the league and was a starter on the 76ers’ first playoff team in six years in 2018. He was well-known for hyping up the crowd in Wells Fargo for the Frosty Freezeout when an opposing team is shooting free throws. It is a testament to how well Covington had improved when he was a key piece in the trade for Jimmy Butler.

J.J. Redick (2017-2019)

17.6 PPG – 2.8 APG – 40.7% 3P – 89.9% FT

J.J. will undoubtedly go down as one of the best three-point shooters of not only 76ers’ history, but NBA history. In just two seasons, Redick brought his veteran experience to the team and helped Philadelphia make it to the second round of the playoffs both years. Redick was known for his ridiculous run-around-a-screen three-pointers and clutch shot-making ability. Redick was loved by fans and he gave the love back. Although it is sad to see him go, Redick has made plenty of memories that 76ers’ fans will never forget.

Elton Brand (2008-2012, 2016)

12.7 PPG – 7.2 RPG – 1.0 SPG – 1.3 BPG

No that’s not a typo, Elton Brand THE PLAYER was one of the best 76ers of this decade. Although we know him now for being the General Manager of the team, he used to be a key player for a few Sixers’ playoff teams. Brand joined the Sixers in the back end of his career, after being a two-time All-Star with the Los Angeles Clippers. Elton was a traditional big man, backing players down in the post and grabbing rebounds. Brand clearly loved playing in Philadelphia, as he returned and retired as a 76er and is now the General Manager.

Dario Saric (2016-2018)

13.5 PPG – 6.5 RPG – 2.4 APG – 82.5% FT

After Dario was drafted in 2014 with the 12th overall pick, it became a running joke that he would never come over from overseas. But in 2016 once he did, he quickly became a fan-favorite. Saric (should have been) “The Wookie of the Year” but was beaten out by Malcolm Brogdon. “The Homie” was a starter on the 2018 playoffs team, and was later traded alongside Robert Covington for Jimmy Butler. Saric had a unique skill-set, he could shoot the three, play out of the post, and pass the ball very well. Saric’s fiery spirit was loved by both teammates and fans.

3rd Team

Jimmy Butler (2018-2019)

18.2 PPG – 5.3 RPG – 4.0 APG – 1.8 SPG

Although we are not currently on speaking terms with James Butler, it is hard to deny what he was able to accomplish in less than a year in Philadelphia. Butler was the definition of clutch for the Sixers, making three game-winners, against the Nets, Hornets, and Celtics. He was also the main reason the 76ers were able to take the eventual NBA Champion Toronto Raptors to a seven-game buzzer-beater series, averaging 22 points per game that series.

Michael Carter-Williams (2013-2015)

16.0 PPG – 6.7 APG – 6.2 RPG – 1.7 SPG
2014 ROTY

The beneficiary of being the best player on an awful team, Carter-Williams was deceivingly great in his time with the 76ers. After averaging 16 points per game for the Sixers, he has gone on to average just about 6 points per game since then. Carter-Williams and Kemba Walker were the only two in 2013-2014 to score more than 16 points a game while shooting UNDER 40% FG. While their careers obviously trended in opposite directions, Carter-Williams still has by far the best NBA debut ever, scoring 22 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds, and 9 steals in a win against the defending champions, the Miami Heat.

Spencer Hawes (2010-2014)

10.0 PPG – 7.0 RPG – 1.2 BPG – 36.6% 3P

Spencer Hawes was one of the first three-point shooting Centers in the league. Channing Frye is the only other big man to shoot at least 36% 3P from 2010-2014. Hawes’ unique for its’ time skill made opposing teams have to make adjustments to their defenses since it was nowhere near normal at the time to have a Center shooting threes. Although not a household name, Hawes helped pave the way for other big men that could shoot like he could.

Nerlens Noel (2013-2016)

10.2 PPG – 7.6 RPG – 1.7 SPG – 1.6 BPG

Noel was one of the centerpieces of “The Process.” While he did not pan out the way he was projected to, he was and still is a solid big man. Noel is a great defensive Center, he just has not been able to add offensive skills to his game. The Big man had big hair, and he was a big part of the 76ers’ evolution this decade.

T.J. McConnell (2015-2019)

6.4 PPG – 4.7 APG – 2.9 RPG – 1.3 SPG

Last and certainly not least is Timothy John McConnell. T.J. is the epitome of Philadelphia sports and hustle. His stats or plays were never flashy, but it was impossible not to see him doing whatever he could to help the 76ers win. T.J. McConnell is the only undrafted player ever to score at least 19 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, and shoot 75% or better in a playoff game. McConnell was an amazing man on and off the court. He gave all the love the fans gave him right back, and then some. A 76ers’ All-Decade team would not be complete without including the man, the myth, the legend himself, T.J. McConnell.

Others Receiving Votes

Evan Turner, Tobias Harris, Nick Young, Ersan Ilyasova, Jahlil Okafor, and Tony Wroten.

1st team votes received 5 points, 2nd team votes received 3 points, and 3rd team votes received 1 point. Tie-breakers were decided by another, separate vote.

Player1st Team Votes2nd Team Votes3rd Team VotesTotalJake GabelAnthony DellomoJon KlineColin Kelley
Joel Embiid400201st1st1st1st
Ben Simmons400201st1st1st1st
Andre Iguodala310181st1st1st2nd
Thaddeus Young310181st1st1st2nd
Jrue Holiday310181st2nd1st1st
Lou Williams211143rd1st2nd1st
Robert Covington130142nd2nd2nd1st
J.J. Redick040122nd2nd2nd2nd
Elton Brand03092ndN/A2nd2nd
Dario Saric02282nd2nd3rd3rd
Jimmy Butler02282nd2nd3rd3rd
Michael Carter-Williams0114N/AN/A3rd2nd
Spencer Hawes01143rdN/A2ndN/A
Nerlens Noel00333rd3rdN/A3rd
T.J. McConnell00223rdN/AN/A3rd
Evan Turner0022N/A3rd3rdN/A
Tobias Harris00223rd3rdN/AN/A
Nick Young0011N/A3rdN/AN/A
Ersan Ilyasova0011N/A3rdN/AN/A
Jahlil Okafor0011N/AN/A3rdN/A
Tony Wroten0011N/AN/AN/A3rd

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