It is hard to believe that just 4 years ago, the Sixers were coming off a ten-win season that featured some of the worst basketball in Philadelphia history.  The legendary “Process” was in full swing at the time.
But now, the Sixers will have a chance to complete a third straight 50 win season for the first time since the 1980s.

Many different players were involved in that process era.  Names like Henry Sims, Hollis Thompson, and Jakkar Sampson may resonate with Sixers fans.  So what are Process Sixers currently up to? Let’s take a look at how some of the forgotten heroes of the process currently spend their time.

Tony Wroten

Over 3 seasons with the Sixers, Tony Wroten started 34 games and was an exciting and energizing presence for fans attending the dreary games of the Process.  One of his highlights with the Sixers came when he used his strong left hand to lay in a go-ahead basket in a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers with a young Joel Embiid on the sidelines cheering him on.

After his years with the Sixers, Tony journeyed overseas.  This past season, he played with BC Kalev/Cramo of the Estonian-Latvian League.  In addition, he has been making waves this summer while competing in Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am Basketball League, The CrawsOver.  Wroten was a bright spot throughout the process and was liked here in Philadelphia. And clearly, he still has nasty handles and wants another shot at the NBA.

KJ McDaniels

Out of Clemson University, KJ McDaniels was a player who showed promise immediately in the NBA.  He was drafted in the second round by the Sixers in 2014 and ended up only playing 52 games with the team.  Although he featured some impressive dunks and athleticism, KJ opted to sign only a one year deal with the Sixers, a very curious move for a rookie.  Because of this, his long term loyalty and flexibility with the Sixers was jeopardized causing Sam Hinkie to trade him to the Houston Rockets.

However, you may not have seen the last from him NBA wise.  McDaniels has competed in the NBA G League the last couple of seasons and averaged 13 points with the Oklahoma City Blue.  With his unique blend of athleticism and raw talent, there is a good chance he could make it back to the big leagues at some point.

Kendall Marshall

Even the most dedicated of Sixer fans may not remember when the former UNC product joined the tanking Sixers in 2015.  Marshall was an All-ACC player in both of his college seasons at North Carolina and was known for being a terrific passer and defender.  The Sixers became his fourth team when he joined them in 2015 and he only lasted 30 total games. In those games, he scored about 4 points per game in 13 minutes mostly off the bench.

After his four year NBA career, Marshall went back to school at UNC.  He studied hard and completed his degree by December of 2018 with intentions of finding a head coaching position in the future.  Now, he has earned himself a spot on Coach Roy Williams’ staff as an assistant at UNC. During his playing days, Coach Williams praised Marshall, saying that he was one of the three smartest individuals he has ever coached.  With such a solid background, don’t be surprised if Kendall Marshall earns an NCAA head coaching job in the near future.

While the process era was largely defined by losing, these three players have carved out roles for themselves within the basketball world.  There are dozens of process era players who are continuing to find success in their fields despite the horrendous losing they went through in Philadelphia.  Keep an eye on these three as they continue their search for basketball continuity.

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