The Sixers recently released their 11-Game Partial Ticket Plans, for purchase.  Let’s put a grade to each game to see which package gives fans the best return on their investment.

Each game will receive a letter grade of A+ down to F based on the quality/interest of the opponent. Letter grades will then be turned into an overall GPA based on a 4.0 scale. Also, the “Classic” plan will receive extra credit for including eleven regular-season games as opposed to ten regular and one preseason tilt.

*Note that the “Icon” and “Statement” plans are slightly more expensive than the “Classic” and “City” plans.  Additionally, preseason games* do not merit a grade.

Ticket Plan 1

Hornets (F)  – The post-Kemba Hornets will be an abomination.  Nothing to see here.

Kings (B+)  – The Kings are young, fast and fun.

Cavs (D-) – A semi-interesting young backcourt gets the Cavs a barely passing grade.

Mavs (B+) – Doncic and Porzngis are more than worth the price of admission.

Celtics (A) – Sixers/Celtics, nothing else to say.

Lakers (A) – Lebron, Lebron, Lebron. Plus, you get to watch Jo dominate AD.  Must see.

Bulls (C) – Rookie Coby White’s hair and many young anonymous pieces.  Plus Thad Young is on this team. Who knew.

Nets (B) – A year away from an easy A.  

Wizards (D+) – Bradley Beal and…  Play this game, how many other Wizards can you name?

Rockets (A) – Harden/Westbrook – Maybe this is the night the Rockets implode.

Overall GPA: 2.56 B- (barely)

Ticket Plan 2

Cavs (D-) – See above

Nuggets (A-) – Loaded young team and Jo vs the Joker.

Heat (A-) – Jimmy’s return warrants the grade, but not much else to see here.

Bucks (A+) – The battle for the East and Santa Claus.

Nets (B)  – See above

Grizzlies (D-)  – Ja Morant anyone?

Knicks (D+) – R.J. Barrett and a little extra for being from New York.

Pacers (B+) – Oladipo is back, plus an Eastern Conference dark horse.

Hawks (C) – Trae Young and Philly’s own De’Andre Hunter come to town.

Magic (C) – Markelle, Markelle, Markelle…

Overall GPA: 2.47 C+

Ticket Plan 3

Timberwolves (C+) grade raised to (B) for extra credit

Towns and Wiggins losing luster but ROCO makes a return.

Knicks (D+) – See above

Heat (A-) – See above

Jazz (B) – Quality team, but not usually a fun watch.

Raptors (B+) – No Kawhi, but revenge runs deep.

Thunder (C) – Chris Paul maybe (pre-trade deadline) and a whole lot of rebuild.

Bulls (C) – See above

Warriors (A-) – KD gone and no Klay, but Curry, Green and Russell still compelling.

Hawks (C) – See above

Blazers (A-) – Dame and McCollum always a good show.

Bucks (A) – Home court advantage on the line as the season winds down?

Overall GPA: 2.88 B (Rounding up)

Ticket Plan 4

Celtics (A+) – Opening Night electricity earns bonus +.

Spurs (B) – See Jazz above

Pacers (B+) – See above

Pelicans (A-)  – Zion and JJ’s return, lots of fun.

Wizards (D+) – See above

Clippers (A) – Kawhi, Paul George and pray Landry doesn’t hit six 3s.

Pistons (B) – Blake Griffin and Jo/Drummond drama always a good show.

Raptors (B+) – See above

Suns (B-) – Some young pieces but big bonus credit for the Homie.

Hornets (F) – See above…Unless the Sixers need this last game of the season to clinch the East.  Talk about turning garbage into gold!

Overall GPA: 2.86 B (Again rounding up)

You can’t go wrong with the Classic or City plan, especially when you consider that those are the less expensive options.

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