They can be seen dancing during pre-game warmups, making big plays on the field, and then dancing some more. DeSean Jackson, Nelson Agholor, and Alshon Jeffery, or as they now call themselves, the DNA boys, are bringing the Eagles their swagger back.

Every great group has its nickname — Michigan’s ‘Fab Five’, the Miami Heat’s ‘Big Three’, and Team USA’s ‘Dream Team’. Now, the starting wide receiver’s for the Philadelphia Eagles seem to have their own, after Alshon Jeffery shared a post on social media calling the trio the “DNA Boys” (or for long, DeSean, Nelson, Alshon).

A loose attitude has always been the norm for the Eagles, but it was clear there was a bit of different energy before the team’s first game of the season against the Washington Redskins. When the receiver group ran on the field for warmups in front of a growing crowd at Lincoln Financial Field,  it became an instant party.

While Carson Wentz was getting his warmup throws in with backup quarterback Josh McCown, Jackson, Agholor and Jeffery got loose by dancing, with “Pop Out” by Polo G blaring throughout the stadium.

It wasn’t just the receivers that were excited, either; the crowd had a buzz to it comparable to the NFC Championship game, where the team as a whole was hyping themselves up the moment “Dreams & Nightmares” by Meek Mill was turned on.

However, there was no trip to the Super Bowl or potential elimination on the line — it was the first game of what could be an exciting, yet grueling season.

While the Redskins rained on the party early, jumping out to an early 17-0 lead, but the momentum quickly shifted thanks to who else but Jackson.

The Linc was sent into a frenzy after a play Eagles fans anticipated all summer finally happened — Wentz hit Jackson for a 51-yard bomb to get on the board.

The Eagles went on to score 25 of the next 28 points, and it was the first letter of ‘DNA’ , DeSean, who got it going.

Jackson’s return to Philadelphia has almost seemed to be like something to come out of a movie. After a dreadful ending to Jackson’s first stint with the Eagles, with false claims such as gang affiliation and a negative locker room presence being tossed around, Jackson finally made his way back to the place that drafted him.

In his first summer back as an Eagle, it’s clear the impact Jackson has had not just on the city, but the team itself.

After OTAs, Wentz took Jackson, Agholor, Jeffery and Zach Ertz out to dinner, and he made a number of alcohol purchases, including Hennessy, a personal-favorite for Jackson. Wentz has always made splashy purchases for his teammates — including shotguns, boots, yeti coolers and Bose speakers — but alcohol isn’t typical.

Wentz didn’t have any of the alcohol, but Jackson specifically said he wanted his star quarterback to have a better understanding of who he’ll be going to battle with every week.

Over the summer, Wentz and Jackson developed a connection both on and off the field, and fans got their first look at the duo’s handshake, which finished with Wentz making a motion as if he was throwing dice.

Jackson brings an electric factor to the team, and his profound personality has been infectious on the team.

As for the ‘N’ in DNA, Nelson Agholor is the type of player that Philadelphians immediately fall in love with.

During the game, Agholor statistically didn’t have the best production, catching just 2 passes for 11 yards, but his impact grows much further than that.

It was a fairly rocky offseason for Agholor, with trade rumors swirling around, but on the outside, it’d be hard to tell that was the case for Agholor.

His displeasures of some people within the Eagles fanbase approving of a potential trade was well-noted on social media, but Agholor’s love of being an Eagle was unwavering. In an NFL where players in the final year of their contract are holding out more and more in order to get a new deal or a trade, Agholor remained a full participant for the team, both on and off the field.

Whether Agholor was truly discussed in trade talks or not is up for Howie Roseman to say, but if the former first-round pick was being floated, he handled the situation admirably.

Plus, this isn’t Agholor’s first go at dealing with adversity. The moment he was drafted into Philadelphia, he has been dealing with critics and naysayers that didn’t believe he was worth such a high selection.

Agholor had a bad case of the drops; he was one of the leagues most inconsistent pass catchers, and his issue with drops made some speculate if the Eagles could move on from him.

After a very rocky first two seasons in Philadelphia, Agholor exploded in 2017, having a career-year and becoming one of the teams most relied upon receivers during the Super Bowl run.

If Agholor was able to take a situation where his job was on the line and turn it into the best moment of his career, he is more than able to take trade speculation and make it fuel for himself, and based off his attitude, that is clearly the case.

Similar to Jackson, Agholor was stress-free prior to the game, leading the way when it came to the dancing.

It’s fair to say that Agholor largely represents what it means to be an Eagle.

Lastly, there’s the ‘A’ of DNA, Alshon Jeffery, who brings the business-like mentality for the group.

As the top receiver of the group, Jeffery is the one who typically draws opposing teams top cornerback’s, and that was the case against Washington.

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman shadowed Jeffery for the majority of the game, and yet, Jeffery was still able to be productive.

Jeffery finished the game with 5 receptions for 49 yards and one touchdown, along with a two-yard rushing touchdown, matching Jackson for a pair of scores.

Prior to the game, Jeffery refrained a bit from the dancing, and was locked in ahead of starting his third season as an Eagle. Coming into this year, Jeffery has the same mentality as he did when he first since with the team: win a Super Bowl.

Jeffery chose the Eagles over the Colts in free agency in 2017, and he gave two reasons: the potential of Wentz, and the fact that he truly believed the Eagles could be Super Bowl contenders.

While many on the outside had their doubts, Jeffery was one of the first true believers to come in and accomplish what hadn’t been done before. 11 months after signing with the Eagles, Jeffery helped lead the team to their first-ever Super Bowl, doing it with a torn rotator cuff, nonetheless.

Jeffery became a bit of a forgotten man this summer amid the hype of Jackson’s return, the potential emergence of Dallas Goedert, and the draft selections of Miles Sanders and JJ Arcega-Whiteside, but for Jeffery, it was still business as usual.

Jeffery has taken his knocks in the NFL, between being suspended for PEDs with the Bears and only getting a one-year deal after the fact, but his production and reliability never changed.

Jeffery’s business-like mentality is what helps make the DNA trio whole, and is what helps make the offense go.

After a thrilling start for both the Eagles offense and the DNA trio, there is plenty to be excited about with a long season ahead. While as a team, the group is tight-knit, it’s clear Jackson, Agholor and Jeffery have developed an especially close connection.

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