Week 3 has come and gone, and it was quite the disappointing one for the Eagles. After a home loss to the Detroit Lions, the Eagles have taken a nosedive in this weeks power rankings.

Across the league, week 3 was dominated by the influx of young, backup quarterback’s taking over. Most notably, Daniel Jones made his first career start following the benching of Eli Manning. Kyle Allen also started in place of Cam Newton, who was out with a foot injury; Teddy Bridgewater made his first start for the Saints following Drew Brees’ thumb surgery; and Mason Rudolph too got the start with Ben Roethlisberger out for the season with an elbow injury.

Heading into week 4, there are still 8 undefeated teams across the league: the Patriots, Chiefs, Rams, Cowboys, Packers, Lions, Bills, and 49ers. Next week also features two matchups of the unbeaten — the Chiefs travel to Detroit to face the Lions, and the Patriots will face off with the Bills in Buffalo.

There have also been some letdowns across the league through the early portion of the season, with playoff hopefuls in the Eagles, Chargers, Falcons, and Browns struggling early on. However, there is still plenty of seasons left with numerous opportunities to flip the script.

Before getting into this week’s power rankings, be sure to take a look at where teams around the league shaped up last week.

Now, here are the NFL power rankings for Week 4.

32: 0-3 Miami Dolphins

Last weeks ranking: 32

Last weeks result: 31-6 loss on the road to the Dallas Cowboys

31: 0-3 Denver Broncos

Last weeks ranking: 31

Last weeks result: 27-16 loss on the road to the Green Bay Packers

30: 0-3 Cincinnati Bengals

Last weeks ranking: 29

Last weeks result: 21-17 loss on the road to the Buffalo Bills

29: 0-2-1 Arizona Cardinals

Last weeks ranking: 28

Last weeks result: 38-20 loss at home to the Carolina Panthers

28: 0-3 Washington Redskins

Last weeks ranking: 27

Last weeks result: 31-15 loss at home to the Chicago Bears

27: 0-3 New York Jets

Last weeks ranking: 26

Last weeks result: 30-14 loss on the road to the New England Patriots

26: 1-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last weeks ranking: 23

Last weeks result: 32-31 loss at home to the New York Giants

25: 0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Last weeks ranking: 21

Last weeks result: 24-20 loss on the road to the San Francisco 49ers

24: 1-2 New York Giants

Last weeks ranking: 28

Last weeks result: 32-31 win on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

23: 1-2 Oakland Raiders

Last weeks ranking: 22

Last weeks result: 34-14 loss on the road to the Minnesota Vikings

22: 1-2 Jacksonville Jaguars

Last weeks ranking: 25

Last weeks result: 20-7 win at home against the Tennessee Titans

21: 1-2 Carolina Panthers

Last weeks ranking: 24

Last weeks result: 38-20 win on the road against the Arizona Cardinals

20: 1-2 Cleveland Browns

Last weeks ranking: 17

Last weeks result: 20-13 loss at home to the Los Angeles Rams

19: 1-2 Tennessee Titans

Last weeks ranking: 16

Last weeks result: 20-7 loss on the road to the Jacksonville Jaguars

18: 1-2 Los Angeles Chargers

Last weeks ranking: 14

Last weeks result: 27-20 loss at home to the Houston Texans

17: 1-2 Atlanta Falcons

Last weeks ranking: 10

Last weeks result: 27-24 loss on the road to the Indianapolis Colts

16: 1-2 Philadelphia Eagles

Last weeks ranking: 8

Last weeks result: 27-24 loss at home to the Detroit Lions

15: 3-0 San Francisco 49ers

Last weeks ranking: 20

Last weeks result: 24-20 win at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers

14: 3-0 Buffalo Bills

Last weeks ranking: 19

Last weeks result: 21-17 win at home against the Cincinnati Bengals

13: 2-0-1 Detroit Lions

Last weeks ranking: 18

Last weeks result: 27-24 win on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles

12: 2-1 Indianapolis Colts

Last weeks ranking: 15

Last weeks result: 27-24 win at home against the Atlanta Falcons

11: 2-1 Houston Texans

Last weeks ranking: 13

Last weeks result: 27-20 win on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers

10: 2-1 Chicago Bears

Last weeks ranking: 12

Last weeks result: 31-15 win on the road against the Washington Redskins

9: 2-1 Baltimore Ravens

Last weeks ranking: 7

Last weeks result: 33-28 loss on the road to the Kansas City Chiefs

8: 2-1 Seattle Seahawks

Last weeks ranking: 5

Last weeks result: 33-27 loss at home to the New Orleans Saints

7: 2-1 Minnesota Vikings

Last weeks ranking: 11

Last weeks result: 34-14 win at home against the Oakland Raiders

6: 2-1 New Orleans Saints

Last weeks ranking: 9

Last weeks result: 33-27 win on the road against the Seattle Seahawks

5: 3-0 Green Bay Packers

Last weeks ranking: 6

Last weeks result: 27-16 win at home against the Denver Broncos

4: 3-0 Dallas Cowboys

Last weeks ranking: 4

Last weeks result: 31-6 win at home against the Miami Dolphins

3: 3-0 Los Angeles Rams

Last weeks ranking: 3

Last weeks result: 20-13 win on the road against the Cleveland Browns

2: 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs

Last weeks ranking: 2

Last weeks result: 33-28 win at home against the Baltimore Ravens

1: 3-0 New England Patriots

Last weeks ranking: 1

Last weeks result: 30-14 win at home against the New York Jets

Why The Eagles Are Ranked Where They Are

In a game where the Eagles were meant to get their feet back under them, last Sunday’s game against the Lions turned into a disaster. That game largely highlighted some of the problems the Eagles have experienced over the first three weeks of the season, which is why they’ve fallen out of the top 15 in the power rankings.

Drops, lack of a pass rush, inconsistent secondary play, a non-existent run game and an all-around lack of effort has significantly hampered the Eagles to this point. For some looking at these rankings, the knee-jerk reaction might be to say: “wait, you think the 49ers or Bills are better than the Eagles?”

On paper, no. The Eagles have one of the best rosters in football. However, football isn’t played on paper, and to this point, teams like the 49ers and Bills have been able to get the job done, while the Eagles continuously shoot themselves in the foot, which is a common trait of a losing football team.

There’s also the sentiment, which has been heard both through the team itself and its fanbase, that the Eagles are just a few plays away from being 3-0. Sure, they absolutely are, but if we can’t live through the what-if’s, because the simple fact is good football teams get the job done, and the Eagles just aren’t that right now.

Luckily, the Eagles have plenty of time to right their wrongs, and they will have about as good a chance as any team in the NFL to do so going forward, with a very difficult schedule awaiting them.

The next 8 game stretch, where the Eagles will face teams of the likes of the Packers, Patriots, Seahawks, and Vikings, could ultimately define how the 2019 season shapes up. We’re about to learn a lot about who the Philadelphia Eagles truly are.

Photo: Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports
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