Legendary sports bettor and handicapper Jon Price is no stranger to cashing in on big sports wagers.

This year is no different as he’s off to one of his best starts in college and pro football in the last two decades. He’s started off red hot and was even leading the Golden Nugget’s 2019 Ultimate Football Challenge with thousands of entries who pick seven football games against the spread each week and he is the number 1 public handicapper in the contest.

Due to his success in the early going of the 2019 college and pro football seasons Jon is now being limited at Philadelphia area sportsbooks. Jon Price is used to placing huge wagers through offshore and Las Vegas Sportsbooks, and he was also a big proponent of legalization in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, however, now they are limiting his bets as he has been on a tear this far this football season including a documented 5-2 record in week 1, and then a big 6-1 documented week 2 where he took over $300,000 from New Jersey Area sportsbooks. Price said he was exhausted with the amount of running around needed to get wagers in at different books ranging from Atlantic City all the way to Delaware Park compared to how he’s used to betting in Las Vegas and offshore since the mid-Atlantic sportsbooks are limiting his bets it’s a telling time that he’s right on selling his picks to make up for lost profits. 

jon-priceOther notable bets that Jon has made this season were his $2,800 max wager on the Miami Dolphins under 5 wins which he touted as his Million Dollar pick before the season even started (now this line is 1.5 games), and many clients are happy to have gotten the wager in but he’s become frustrated as his bets are being limited and he’s not able to maximize his winnings costing him millions of dollars as the sportsbooks on the east coast have gotten to know who he is real fast. As a result, Jon has to rely on selling his betting picks through SportsInformationTraders.com – to make up for lost profits from being limited to by the various offshore and local sportsbooks.

While many professional handicappers are afraid to have their picks against the spread monitored and documented, Jon has his picks documented each and every season by Las Vegas sportsbooks. Last year Jon lead the Super Contest for the NFL’s weekly picks against the spread contest with thousands of entries and this year he’s up to some more of the same as he was leading the Golden Nugget’s weekly picks against the spread contest after a couple of weeks into the college and pro football season. After starting the season 11-3 after two weeks of football, it’s easy to see why the various sportsbooks he places his bets at would start to limit his wagers and give him the “Billy Walters treatment”. After all, this isn’t the first time this has happened to legendary bettor Jon Price. He’s had to employ “runners” before, which are people that place his wagers for him, due to his status as being one of the most feared men by Vegas sportsbooks and a highly touted sports bettor around many betting circles.

Jon has compensated for sportsbooks limiting his personal wagers by selling his sports picks and futures predictions now and he’s quickly become one of the most popular and established sports picking gurus in the world. He’s been featured in many notable publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, and many more throughout his years as a sports handicapper and bettor. He’s made national headlines before with some major wagers including two one-million dollar winning wagers on two separate Super Bowls and a futures wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the world series before the season even began. Last year he bet big on the L.A. Rams and was able to hedge once they got to the super bowl to guarantee a very nice payday for his clients and himself. In the Huffington Post, he publicly gave out the Broncos that year and proved to the world that he is as good as everyone else says he is.

Jon Price Picks on the Radio

Jon is no stranger to the spotlight and he’s also featured on nationally syndicated sports radio shows across the country including various ESPN Radio affiliates and syndicates after being a reclusive bettor for decades to ensure a low profile and the ability to wager big. Now those opportunities are gone and he has to sell his picks to make up for the wagers the books aren’t letting him a place.

As Jon looks to keep his momentum going this college and pro football season and keeping the winning streak going, now is the busiest time of the year for him and his team as their information is highly sought after from the betting public.

With football season still just getting started, there’s no better time than now to contact Jon Price Call 866-441-2711 and speak with one of his analysts so his team can tell you what they have on tap for this week’s games and see what their top football picks against the spread can do for you and your bankroll.

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