If you’re off of the Wentz Wagon now after a few bad weeks, don’t even think about trying to hop back on when he gets back on the right track, which even his biggest critics know for an absolute fact he will.

The amount of “Eagles fans” that are bumping chests and high-fiving over “being right” about Wentz amidst his struggles is astounding.

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Yes, Wentz has had a rough couple of games. But, how quickly they forget that Carson Wentz completely changed the culture of this team.

How quickly they forget that Carson Wentz is the reason that the marquee free agents the Eagles landed in 2017 came to Philadelphia to PLAY WITH CARSON WENTZ. How quickly they forget the MVP caliber 2017 season in which Wentz put the Eagles on a golden path to win the NFC East, #1 seed in the NFC and a first-round bye in the playoffs that would be crucial to go on to win the Super Bowl.

How quickly they forget that Wentz has had TWO game-winning touchdowns dropped against the Falcons and Lions, and had a potentially game-tying touchdown tracked poorly in the air/dropped against the Patriots.

How quickly they forget that one of the ONLY games Wentz got some actual offensive support from his team, they marched into Lambeau Field on primetime against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and beat them in front of the entire nation. (And had a 3 touchdown game, no big deal though.)

Shall I go on?

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In addition, what QB has had to overcome more this season than Wentz? Whether it be his new favorite target and only real deep threat getting injured and being done for the year after one game with DeSean Jackson, or his top wide-receiver in Alshon Jeffery being injured for much of the year, and not being much of a help even when he was in the game, or having his primary running back being banged up the last two weeks, or his team having the highest amount of dropped passes in the NFL. In reality, it’s pretty impressive that the team has managed the five wins it has.

Last Sunday against the Seahawks, Wentz had the worst game of his career by far. He was off-target most of the day and had some costly turnovers. However, can we PLEASE take a step back and take a look at who was on the field with him that game.

Right Tackle

Andre Dillard, a rookie LEFT tackle who admitted he had never played that position in his entire life and was benched very early in the game.


Brandon Brooks, who unfortunately had to sideline himself due to an anxiety attack very early on in the game.

Wide Receiver

Mack Hollins: A player who literally has not caught a pass in over two months despite playing an incredible amount of offensive snaps.

JJ Arcega Whiteside: A rookie whose most memorable play of the year is a dropped game-winning touchdown against Detroit, who also went nearly two months without a catch after that infamous drop.

Jordan Matthews: A receiver the Eagles had for a few weeks and seemingly bring in every year hoping for a rekindled spark in the offense, and rarely does. (He was also released from the team this week)

Greg Ward: A practice squad call-up/preseason star who saw his first action with the team this week and was by far the best WR on the team.

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I’m not saying Wentz doesn’t deserve any criticism, but this has gone too far. There have always been the fools who think the Eagles should’ve kept Foles and moved Wentz, and we’d all expect them to be feeling the rare vilification they feel right now. The upsetting part is the amount of Eagles fans that are now agreeing with them, and have given up on Carson Wentz, our franchise quarterback.

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This being said, let me reiterate. If you’ve hopped off of the Wentz Wagon after this rough patch, please don’t ever hop back on. Don’t come running back to praise him when he finally gets a competent offensive arsenal to showcase his talents with. Don’t come running back when he has a SportsCenter Top 10 play every single week again.

Don’t come running back when he’s back in the perennial MVP conversation next season. If he’s “not your quarterback” right now in the rough times, don’t even think about trying to bask in the future glory when it comes again.

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