The Phillies signed Zack Wheeler yesterday to the third-biggest contract in team history. Five years and $118 million later, the Phillies are still on the hunt for one more high profile starting pitcher and possibly more.

With the Phillies officially cutting ties with Maikel Franco and Cesar Hernandez, there is room for them to make a big splash at third base. Scott Kingery’s versatility has bailed the Phillies out of their inability to have sustainable depth. According to Scott Lauber’s tweet on Tuesday evening, Matt Klentak has yet to schedule any meetings with free agents. (Editor’s note: It appears he at least met with Wheeler).

This comes one day after non-tendering Cesar Hernandez and Maikel Franco.

If the Phillies fail to execute on key free agents this offseason, the 2020 team could be worse on paper going into Day 1 of the season than the 2019 team.

The Phillies don’t seem to be putting all their chips in on pursuing Anthony Rendon. Rendon will command a seven or eight-year deal that is similar to Nolan Arenado’s 8-year $260 million-extension last offseason. At the same time, Kris Bryant’s value may cost the Phillies too many prospects. Scott Lauber quoted Matt Klentak on Tuesday in a tweet regarding Alec Bohm being a part of the big league roster in 2020.

If that is the case, the Phillies might need to find a cheap stopgap until Alec Bohm is ready. Bohm appears to be the future of the Phillies, and there is no inkling of him being traded. Even though Bohm could be the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade for another starting pitcher, that rumor seems to have hit a dead end.

If the Phillies aren’t willing to make a big splash in free agency at third base resulting in a trade of Alec Bohm, a Scott Kingery-type contract for Bohm could make a lot of sense. According to and their contract evaluation, Kingery was the 86th-most valuable player in baseball in 2019.

After two years, Kingery has almost played to the value of his entire six-year contract.
What is stopping the Phillies from doing the same for Bohm and letting him be a super cheap and valuable player on the team?

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