All season quarterback Carson Wentz has taken heat from numerous amounts of people. From aggravated fans to members of the national media such as ESPN’s Max Kellerman, Wentz has not been able to escape the masses and their harsh thoughts on his play. 

Some including Kellerman, thought that Nick Foles would have more of an impact in Jacksonville than Wentz in Philadelphia. Foles is currently sitting on a bench for the Jaguars as Jacksonville heads for another losing season. Wentz will be looking to capture his second NFC East title. His first while being under center for all sixteen games.After two late games losses in Atlanta and at home against Detroit others thought that Wentz did not have a “clutch gene” and folds under pressure in huge moments. The past three weeks have shown otherwise. In wins against New York and Washington, Wentz showed his late-game heroics. He lead a game-tying and game-winning drive against the Giants and a game-winning drive against the Redskins. All three moments showed how a narrative on a player being “clutch” can change just by having teammates that can simply catch a football.Many also overlook Wentz’s statistics this season. Heading into week 17 he is thirty-three yards away from setting a new career-high in passing yards. He currently has thrown for 3,750 yards on the year. His completion percentage is also the second-highest in his career sitting at 64.4%. This is higher than both his rookie year and the following season, where he was considered the front runner for MVP.Along with this, Wentz is currently tied among his young counterparts Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson for touchdown passes on the year. All three have thrown twenty-six touchdowns this season. Prescott and Watson have been praised by many. Elite wide receivers such as Deandre Hopkins and Amari Cooper have certainly helped both quarterbacks receive the praise they deserve.On the other hand, Wentz’s best weapon at wide receiver is Greg Ward, who has been on the team’s practice squad for way too long. By no means is Ward anywhere close to the level of Hopkins and Cooper, yet Wentz has gone with it and has to lead the Eagles to a possible postseason berth.A win on Sunday in New York would silence even more of the doubt surrounding Wentz. Whether Wentz is elite or not is a discussion for another time. Some of the criticism he draws is warranted. Wentz has had problems with holding onto the ball too long as well as having issues with ball security and fumbling the football.

Even with this, Carson Wentz is the franchise quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles and if you cannot see that, then you are simply looking through the wrong lens.
The Eagles have invested almost everything they have into him because they see something, they see a player with the potential to be one of the greats.

Featured Image: Barry Wilner/Associated Press
Statistics: Pro Football Reference
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