The 2019 Eagles season has been littered with injuries. No position group has been safe.

Every week it seems like another key player is going down with an injury that puts them on the sidelines for multiple weeks. Most recently, that player was Brandon Brooks, who had his 2019 season end after separating his shoulder against the Giants.

With all these injuries players with little NFL, experience have been called upon to fill the spots of game hardened veterans. The most shocking thing is that these players have played well and are a big reason why the team captured its second division title in three years.

The two young heroes that come to mind instantly are Boston Scott and Greg Ward. Both have produced at skill positions that have helped put points on the board for the team. However, there are many other young guys that are a bit overlooked and have silently been helping guide the team to victory.

Defensive tackle Anthony Rush has been a key role player on the interior line of the Eagles defensive, filling in for Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan when they come off the field. Sidney Jones has stepped up in crunch time and made plays that has helped win the team games. Offensive guard Matt Pryor, who is filling in for Brandon Brooks, started off well in the win against the Giants. Tight end Joshua Perkins has been versatile in the passing game lining up at both tight end and wide receiver positions. He caught his first touchdown pass since 2016 in the win in New York during week 17.

The fact is that the production of these players right now will help the Eagles down the road. None of these guys may become stars or even starters, but they will all have value as solid role players and backups at minimum. For a team like the Eagles with a lot of players getting into the later stages of their careers, it is key that they can find young talent that can help win football games.

Another factor is players such as Scott and Ward do not cost the team a lot of money. Even when they come back for the 2020 season, none of them will be on monster deals that have a big hit on the salary cap. For example, Ward will only be making $570,000 next season and Scott is set to make $660,000. This cushion will help the Eagles deal with large contracts for players such as Carson Wentz and Fletcher Cox. It will also allow the team to have more money to invest in free agents at positions of need who may want to be paid more money.

Whether or not the Eagles get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round or make it to the Super Bowl, there is a lot potential that these young guys have shown down the stretch.
This is something that every Eagles fan should truly be excited about.

Featured Image: Tim Tai/ The Philadelphia Inquirer
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