On March 17th, The Buffalo Bills acquired Minnesota’s star receiver Stefon Diggs via trade.
The 26-year-old didn’t come cheap, as the Bills gave up first, fifth, and sixth-round selections in 2020 and an extra fourth-round pick in 2021.

About a week has passed since free agency officially opened and the Birds have yet to make a move at the receiver position.

While the compensation for Diggs was rich, why didn’t the Eagles make a move for the young star?

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After trading their third and fifth-round selections, the Birds still have many picks in their arsenal.

Here are the selections they still have in 2020.

  • 1st Round Pick (21st overall)
  • 2nd Round Pick (53rd overall)
  • 3rd Round Pick (103rd overall)
  • 4th Round Pick (127th overall)
  • 4th Round Pick (145th overall)
  • 4th Round Pick (146th overall)
  • 5th Round Pick (168th overall)
  • 6th Round Pick (190th overall)

With this ammunition, the Philadelphia Eagles were more than stocked to make a similar offer or better. While I doubt that they would have been able to avoid selling their first-round pick in this imaginary deal, that isn’t a problem.

If the Eagles enter the draft with their first-round selection still in hand, there is a strong possibility that it is spent on a high-end receiver. This is why I am not opposed to selling the 21st selection for a proven, talented receiver like Stefon Diggs.

Aside from his favorable age, Diggs is an elite route runner with sticky hands. He has a knack for getting open while having the over-the-top speed an offense needs in today’s game.

His first five seasons with the Vikings were underwhelming. Diggs and the rest of the offense had many talented pieces surrounding QB Kirk Cousins such as pro bowlers Adam Thielen, Dalvin Cook, and Kyle Rudolph. Even with their plethora of weapons, the Vikings’ offense hasn’t been able to crack the NFL’s top ten in total offensive yardage since 2009.

There are many variables that can affect the outcome of a team; however, it is safe to say that Diggs is not the reason that the Minnesota Vikings were incompetent on offense despite their talent. He would have been a nice addition to the Eagles, but now the team must look elsewhere. As of Tuesday, March 24th, Robby Anderson and Breshad Perriman have also both been signed, leaving the Birds with little options in free agency.

There are still trade options such as star receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandin Cooks, but both pass-catchers come with loaded contracts. Beckham Jr. is the fourth-highest paid receiver in the NFL while Cooks is the seventh.

These options aren’t likely, as Howie Roseman wouldn’t bite on Diggs; a guy getting paid around eleven million per year. The draft is seemingly the Birds’ last hope for 2020.
Developing young talent around Carson Wentz seems to be the strategy. Whether it is the right one will be answered in due time.

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