With no big news coming out of the NBA aside from a preliminary 25-day plan to be in place for when the league does resume, we can continue to look ahead to what this upcoming offseason could hold for the Sixers.

Trades and free agent moves are commonplace in the NBA offseason.

Last week, we looked at some potential free agents the Sixers could be interested in. Now let’s look at some trades.

Here are five trade targets for the Sixers this offseason.

Buddy Hield, SG // Sacramento Kings

Let’s start with the one most of us were expecting to be on the list, Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield. Hield has openly voiced his concerns with the Kings.

With one year left on his rookie deal and the growing likelihood that Hield will not re-sign with Sacramento, now may be the time to move him. The Sixers have been linked to Hield since these rumors of him wanting out of Sacramento surfaced.

With Hield only having a $6.5 million cap hit this coming season, it seems like a no brainer to pursue the King’s guard.

Lonzo Ball, PG // New Orleans Pelicans

If we can get past the baggage that Ball has and take him at face value for the player he is, he is a pretty damn good basketball player. One key problem the Sixers have is that there’s no one who can really replace Ben Simmons when he’s off the floor. Ben is such a unique talent, a 6’10” point guard who can get to the basket at will but is still a distributor.

While Lonzo isn’t the same height as Ben and can’t get to the rim as easily as Ben does, he’s still a comparable player. Lonzo wouldn’t be a cheap trade by any means and that seems to be the problem. The New Orleans Pelicans seem more interested in dealing Jrue Holiday than they do Lonzo Ball. For the Sixers, however, Ball would be a better fit.

Otto Porter Jr., SF // Chicago Bulls

I’m listing Otto Porter Jr., but I will include the caveat of Porter’s player option. If Porter chooses to opt-out of his contract with the Chicago Bulls, he will become an unrestricted free agent which would make it more difficult for him to end up with the Sixers because of the money he would demand on the open market.

If he were to pick up his player option and then be traded, the money could work itself out. If he does pick up that option, the Bulls may look to move Porter because of how injury-riddled he has been since being traded to the team during the 2018-2019 season.

Porter is a solid small forward who has seen regression in his play due to these injuries. Much like Jabari Parker in the article last week (read that, here), if Porter can leave these injuries in the past and the Sixers could restructure a long-term deal with Porter, this could be a very good trade for the Sixers.

Thomas Bryant, C // Washington Wizards

Once again building off of last week’s article, the Sixers will need to find a backup for Joel Embiid in the offseason or in the draft. Thomas Bryant has had limited success in his three NBA seasons but could deliver decent production in a backup role for the Sixers. The Washington Wizards are also stuck with the John Wall contract for another three seasons.

With Wall’s bloated contract and their unwillingness to move off of Bradley Beal (can’t really blame them for that), the Wizards will take cap relief wherever they can find it. If they can move Thomas Bryant to the Sixers, who could potentially offer some draft picks in return, it could be a win-win for both teams.

Terrence Ross, SF // Orlando Magic

A solid but underrated small forward, Terrence Ross would fit well with the Sixers. The Sixers and the Orlando Magic have been no strangers to one another for the past few seasons.

Ross has seen an uptick in his points and rebounds in the past two seasons and could be a substantial piece off of the bench for the Sixers’ second unit. The Magic may also begin to look to move some of their talent.

While maintaining a position around the 8th seed in the weaker Eastern Conference, the Magic cannot seem to get over the hump. With the growing rumors that star forward Aaron Gordon may be moved this offseason, along with a plethora of pending free agents, the Magic may look drastically different next season. If this were to be the case, the Sixers could be in the running to land Ross.

Do you think the Sixers will land any of these players in the offseason?
Who do you want to see the Sixers pursue this offseason?

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