I’ve long been an advocate for the Process- proven coach, but I think it’s time that enough is enough.

Brett Brown isn’t near the quality of coach that Andy Reid or Charlie Manuel were for Philadelphia. But, similarly, it seems Brown’s message to the locker room has gone stale.

This happens from time to time when a coach has been in the locker room for so long, preaching the same practices. Players begin to take these messages for granted and it goes in one ear and out the other, and I think Brett Brown may have hit that point.

After leaving Greg Popovich in San Antonio, Brown has been with Philly for seven years. Granted, most of those years were used during The Process.

Brown has had a few cracks at winning with a championship-caliber team and two All-Stars leading the way.

After failing to make it out of the second round of the playoffs, this year it all came to a head before the hiatus. The team was an atrocious 9-21 on the road this season. Speculation of Ben Simmons not getting along with Joel Embiid began to pop up, discrediting Brown’s ability to create good team chemistry.

Brown has been praised for his ability to develop players and create a good environment for them. He lacks in-game management and play design, but can skate by on his pure basketball knowledge. The news came out that Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons had issues with the way the offense was run last season after the playoff offense was run through Butler and not Simmons, calling into question his loyalty to Ben Simmons.

Earlier this season, Brown made it a point to challenge the 23-year-old Simmons to attempt one 3-point shot a game, but after this challenge, Simmons attempted a total of zero. Brown is now officially on the hot seat and for good reason.

Say what you want about Brett Brown the human: he is kind, great in the community, and wears a great beard.
Brett Brown the coach is not the guy to bring a championship back to the city of Philadelphia, and I’m not alone in that assessment.

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