While there is major uncertainty if the 2020 NFL season will start on time, Roger Goodell has remained confident that the league’s kickoff will proceed as scheduled.

Currently, the NFL’s timeline is yet to be disrupted, as the draft will still take place as originally planned, but that’s bound to change with teams unable to meet for OTAs and offseason workouts.

Still, assuming the NFL is able to get a full season played this year, who would the Eagles get to play in primetime?

In the past 3 years, the Eagles have been scheduled 5 primetime games each year (SNF, MNF, TNF), so if would be safe to assume that they’d get an equal amount this year as well.

Considering the fact that the likes of Lamar Jackson’s Ravens, all of the 2019 NFC division champions, as well as the entire NFC West are slated to play the Eagles this year, there are plenty of options for the NFL to chose from to pair with Philadelphia for primetime matchups.

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Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles and Cowboys have been scheduled for at least 1 primetime matchup a year for the past decade and a half, so it’s hard to see the NFL breaking that tradition between these two rivals. In fact, since SNF on NBC started in 2006, no two teams have played more on the network than the Eagles and Cowboys.

Last year’s Sunday Night game was played in Dallas, so there’s a good chance this year’s primetime matchup takes place in Philly.

New York Giants

Yet another division rival, the Giants have also been a consistent primetime opponent on the Eagles’ schedule. While the Eagles and Giants haven’t played on Sunday Night since 2014, they’ve met 4 of the 5 past seasons on other primetime networks, 2 times on Monday Night and 2 times on Thursday Night.

Who knows, maybe we get more Monday night overtime heroics this year.

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Baltimore Ravens

One of the many marquee matchups on the docket this year, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are scheduled to come to the Linc in 2020, and possibly on primetime. Both teams were in the 2019 playoffs, so from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense for the NFL to put this game in the spotlight.

It’s doubtful to see a good game like this be played on a short week, so look for this game to be played on either Sunday or Monday night.

Green Bay Packers

Last year’s Eagles vs. Packers game was an absolute hit on Thursday Night Football: Jordan Howard carried the offense to 34 points, while the defense forced a rare Aaron Rodgers interception in the end zone to seal the game.

More likely than not, the NFL looks at the success of last year’s game and renews another primetime matchup for these two teams. Once again, this year’s game will take Lambeau Field.

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San Francisco 49ers

With the entire NFC West on the schedule, this last primetime game is up for grabs, but it would make the most sense for the Eagles to get a primetime date with the defending NFC champions. However, don’t surprised if a different NFC West team gets this last primetime spot with the Eagles, as all 4 teams are going to be contenders this year.

The Eagles had a Sunday Night game in place with the Seahawks last year before it was flexed into a 1 P.M. game, so you can imagine the NFL doesn’t find that matchup very attractive. While the Cardinals are moving their way up into recognition, and the Rams could still be good despite the loss of talent, the 49ers just seem like the most logical choice.

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