Are you still in disbelief? You’re not the only one.
Never in our wildest dreams did we see the Eagles taking a quarterback in the 2nd round.

Even Jalen Hurts was shellshocked when he heard his name and the Eagles in the same sentence. But that’s what Howie Roseman does. He’s not your average general manager. He sees talent unlike any other football expert in the world (for better or for worse).

This pick, however, was unlike any other move we’ve ever seen Roseman make. This was almost a Chip Kelly pick. But when you look at what Jalen Hurts brings to the table, you may actually change your mind.

Sure, if Hurts was an unathletic, pocket quarterback, this would have been an undoubtedly horrible pick, but Hurts’ athleticism will make this offense an absolutely deadly force.

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1) Hurts in a 2-Quarterback Package System

While this hasn’t become a staple in the NFL yet, 2-quarterback package systems are moving up into relevancy. One of the most notable teams to use this scheme is the New Orleans Saints. Even though Taysom Hill doesn’t have too many yards to show for it, utilizing the 2-quarterback package keeps defenses on their feet and confuses them. There have been multiple plays run by the Saints where Hill has acted as a decoy, leading to big plays downfield.

Another team that occasionally uses the 2-quarterback package is the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens take advantage of having an athletic backup in Robert Griffin III for quarterback blasts to pick up chunk yardages while splitting Lamar Jackson out wide. Even in Alabama, where Hurts played the majority of his college career, Nick Saban put Tua Tagavailoa and Hurts on the field at the same time to create spark plays. Hurts is extremely comparable to Lamar Jackson in this situation.

While neither have commendable accuracy, both have incredible athleticism. You know how people criticize Lamar Jackson for being a “running back”? Now imagine if he actually was and surprised you with a few throws from time to time. That’s what Jalen Hurts has the potential to be.

2) A Cheap and Young Option at Back Up

I know a 2nd round pick isn’t the ideal definition of cheap, but money-wise, it absolutely is. Most back up quarterbacks are veterans well into their careers who get paid anywhere between $2 million and $5 million. While Hurts won’t have the experience as a veteran back up, he has a better chance to grow as a player and won’t cost as much. The Eagles can now take the same money they would have used for a veteran back up and use it to fill other holes.

Especially for a team that wants to be a Super Bowl contender, you want solid insurance for the worst-case scenario (Wentz going down). Sure, Josh McCown played great against Seattle last year and even flashed his legs, but having Hurts would have given the Eagles a better chance due to sheer athleticism. Losing Wentz would mean throwing an entire season away in a contending window, but Hurts changes that.

3) Future Value

Howie Roseman said last night that he believes the organization to be a “quarterback factory”. If Hurts actually gets the chance to play as a gadget weapon and start games at quarterback, his value could skyrocket in a few years. Think about how much money Jacksonville gave Nick Foles just for winning the Super Bowl.

Grooming Hurts and giving him a chance to showcase his skills may result in one or multiple 1st round picks down the line, which would be worth much more than this year’s 2nd round pick.

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