The Eagles open 2020 tied with the Cowboys as favorites to win the East.

With the schedule released, let’s take a look at what matchups pave the way to the postseason.

Week 1: @ Washington Redskins

Preview: The Eagles open against the division rival Washington team for the second time in three years. Washington will be led by sophomore Dwayne Haskins who showed little effectiveness in his 7 games last season, finishing 2-5 with as many touchdowns as interceptions (7). Doug and Co. should be confident in their chances of heading into Week 2 with a win.

2019 Record: 3-13

What to Watch: Ron Rivera vs. Doug Pederson. Both coaches are extraordinary football minds, though with directly opposing mentalities. A former linebacker who elevated Carolina to a top defense, Rivera will look to thwart the offensive guru in Pederson.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 2: vs Los Angeles Rams

Preview: The Rams are better than their 2019 schedule suggests, they just happen to be the third or fourth-best team in the best division in football. Sean McVay is still hungry for his first win against Doug Pederson, but he enters this matchup with the least flashy roster. That could bode well for the young coach, but the loss of significant personnel could also hinder the Rams’ production.

2019 Record: 9-7

What to Watch: Aaron Donald vs. the Offensive Line. Donald is a bad man. The Eagles line is good, but older at the interior. As long as 2 + 2 still equals 4, Wentz could be in for a long day.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 3: vs Cincinnati Bengals

Preview: It’s tough to imagine much hope for the Bengals after last year’s finish, even with Joe Burrow at the helm. Prior to the draft, they were projected to have 4 wins, and the LSU product surely cannot elevate them to more than 6. Don’t expect the Eagles to be one of them.

2019 Record: 2-14

What to Watch: Joe Burrow vs. Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett. The Bengals have plenty of great pass catchers but expect these two to fly off the edge before Burrow can get rid of it.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 4: @ San Francisco 49ers

Preview: The Super Bowl runners-up might have just gotten better, at least on defense. The Eagles will need all things clicking to leave the West Coast unscathed, but

2019 Record: 13-3

What to Watch: Trent Williams vs. Derek Barnett. The 49ers scored an incredible replacement for an incredible player when they brought in Williams, but the Eagles have done well at getting to the quarterback when playing Washington over the last few years. Garoppolo’s blindside is covered by someone the Eagles know incredibly well, and that could determine this matchup.

Prediction: Eagles LOSE

Week 5: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Preview: Pittsburgh finished 8-8 despite injuries, looking a lot like last year’s Eagles. A healthy roster provides a strong defensive unit, albeit with question marks on the other side of the ball. Roethlisberger, a convicted abuser, can still make plays, and with Juju and Conner at full speed and the refs of Heinz Field on their side, Pittsburgh is a tough one to beat.

2019 Record: 8-8

What to Watch: Roethlisberger vs. Father Time. Big Ben has been getting worse with age, but a full offseason to get healthy and rethink some horrendous life decisions will make him a big threat.

Prediction: Eagles LOSE

Week 6: vs Baltimore Ravens

Preview: The Ravens no doubt represent the biggest challenge of the season for the Eagles, but luckily the matchup is in Philadelphia. If the Eagles meet the expectations of their last few seasons, this could be an incredible game. Jim Schwartz will have lots of homework to do in preparation for this one.

2019 Record: 14-2

What to Watch: Lamar Jackson vs. Fletcher Cox & Co. It’s no secret that beating Baltimore means stopping Lamar. The D-Line will have the unenviable task of just that.

Prediction: Eagles LOSE

Week 7: vs New York Giants

Preview: Joe Judge gets his first taste of Philadelphia, albeit not with the most enamored cast of characters. The Giants have been very bad recently and have little expectation of any drastic improvements.

2019 Record: 4-12

What to Watch: Joe Judge vs. Doug Pederson. You can take the kid out of Philly… and that’s that on that. Judge, a Doylestown native, is the least regarded of NFC East coaches, but this is his first chance to duke it out against Pederson. The Belichick coaching tree is scarce on wins, but can a former special teams specialist change that?

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 8: vs Dallas Cowboys

Preview: After crushing the Eagles’ hopes of getting CeeDee Lamb, Dallas gets its first opportunity to translate draft success onto the field. Mike McCarthy will certainly pull out the big guns in the divisional matchup, setting the tone for what could be coined the Pederson-McCarthy era of the famed rivalry.

2019 Record: 8-8

What to Watch: Michael Gallup vs. the Eagles’ Secondary. Amari Cooper will certainly be shadowed by Slay, but with little depth at cornerback, Gallup and Lamb will have room to run. Expect Gallup to put up big numbers.

Prediction: Eagles LOSE

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 10: @ New York Giants

Preview: A second matchup against the Giants provides the Eagles a much-needed break after facing multiple teams with double-digit wins in 2019.

2019 Record: 4-12

What to Watch: Daniel Jones vs. Himself. The second-year starter shined at times last year but failed to live up to first-round hype, let alone 6th overall. A team that has made questionable offseason decisions two years in a row cannot suffer a sophomore slump.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns

Preview: The Browns welcome yet another first-year head coach aboard a seemingly constantly sinking ship. All the pieces are there, but the coaching just has not been able to make sense of its players in Cleveland. This team is sneaky and can ruin a party, but a disciplined Eagles effort can snuff them out.

2019 Record: 6-10

What to Watch: Jedrick Wills, Jr. vs. Derek Barnett. Barnett’s been coming up a lot, but this is a juicy matchup against an oft-sacked quarterback. The Reggie White, Jr. will have a big game.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 12: vs Seattle Seahawks

Preview: Seattle is quietly one of the best teams in the league, and has been for almost a decade. Much of their success is because of Russell Wilson, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He is as smart as he is athletic, and when he is at his best he cannot be stopped. The Eagles can scheme all they want, but they are better off praying for an off day from the playmaker.

2019 Record: 11-5

What to Watch: Miles Sanders vs. Bobby Wagner. The last few matchups between these two have been defensive battles, and this season looks to be no different. If Seattle can bottle up the run game, they should walk away with another win in Philadelphia, but that all comes down to their captain.

Prediction: Eagles LOSE

Week 13: @ Green Bay Packers

Preview: The NFL just loves marching the Eagles into Lambeau, huh? A nail-biter of a game last year provided the Eagles an unexpected victory full of defensive stands, but lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice. Philadelphia will look significantly different this year than they did in the previous matchup, while Rodgers will be scarce on pass-catchers.

2019 Record: 13-3

What to Watch: Darius Slay vs. Davante Adams. If the new corner can lock down Adams, the game will be Carson’s to lose.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 14: vs New Orleans Saints

Preview: Just thank god it’s not an away game. What could be Brees’ swan song pits two teams with a decorated recent history, both against each other and the league in general. New Orleans is a force to be reckoned with, but if anyone is up to the task, it’s Philadelphia.

2019 Record: 13-3

What to Watch: Sean Payton vs. Doug Pederson. With dominant rosters like these, this game will be a true chess match between two of the NFL’s best head coaches.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 15: @ Arizona Cardinals

Preview: The definition of a trap game. Arizona is going to be good and needs to be treated as such. With as many offensive weapons as anyone in the league and a sneakily good defense, the Cardinals could cause problems for Philadelphia. This game will be decided by how much of a step Kyler Murray takes in 2020.

2019 Record: 5-10-1

What to Watch: Jordan Hicks vs. Zach Ertz. Hicks was a monster last year, and he knows how Philadelphia’s offense operates. If the tight ends cannot get going, Arizona will be primed for a win.

Prediction: Eagles LOSE

Week 16: @ Dallas Cowboys

Preview: Nothing like an Eagles/Cowboys game in December to get you on your feet. The two are neck and neck for the favorite to win the division, and, as is often the case, the second matchup could decide it all.

2019 Record: 8-8

What to Watch: Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Week 17: vs Washington Redskins

Preview: Washington comes to town right when the playoff pieces are coming together. Unless Haskins makes an unbelievable step in his game (or, more likely, the Eagles are injured), this should go well for the Birds. Nevertheless, divisional matchups are surefire trap games. The Eagles need to finish strong.

2019 Record: 3-13

What to Watch: Chase Young vs. Andre Dillard. Dillard has had a year to adjust to the NFL, but Young’s generational talent could overwhelm the Washington State product.

Prediction: Eagles WIN

Final Prediction: 10-6

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