This past August, I began my college career at West Chester University, located about twenty miles outside of the city I am proud to call home: Philadelphia.
When making my college decision, I was highly thinking of attending West Virginia University.

To my parents, this was practically a sin- considering that I was raised in a household of Flyers fanatics, and the closest team to West Virginia would be the hated Pittsburgh Penguins. My parents convinced me to stay in the area when they told me I wouldn’t be able to go to Flyers games. Four years without the Orange and Black? And with no DiNic’s roast pork sandwiches to be found in Morgantown, West Chester University became an easy choice.

After deciding which college to call home, the next challenge was finding a roommate who had similar interests as me. After several weeks of rummaging through options on the school’s Facebook page, I found Grace. She lived in a large, unforgivingly bright orange Travis Konecny jersey that completely swallowed her small frame. Her long, blond hair was always attempted to be contained by a 47 Brand Eagles cap. Grace loved Philly and sports as much as I did. The two of us bonded over many things, but the most important was Flyers hockey.

Grace and I vs. Vegas Golden Knights, 10/21/19

Shortly after our arrival, Grace and I planned to attend the home-opening night of Flyers hockey against the New Jersey Devils. We counted down the days anxiously until the chilly night of October 9th. The night went perfectly. We were surrounded by fans in a passionate atmosphere, indulged in huge cheesesteaks, and got to witness goalie Carter Hart’s first shutout. After the excitement of the 4-0 win, we were hooked. The morning after, we started filling a jar with coins labeled “Playoff Fund 2020”. Though the Flyers were just 2-0 at the time, we saw something special in that team and knew it was going to be an exciting season.

At first, my parents questioned how my grades were because I was constantly at Flyers games. The truth is, hockey kept me very disciplined. Planning games ahead of time made me look forward to those dates, get all my work done, and aim for perfect grades so I could fully enjoy myself at the moment. They approved when I made the Dean’s List at the end of the first semester, which happened while attending seven Flyers games.

Student Ticket POV v. Washington, 11/13/19

Grace and I came back from holiday break eager to continue going to games. The best we saw happened our first day back- the 3-0 victory against the despised Penguins. By February, the Flyers were one of the hottest teams in the league. After every hard-earned win, Grace and I knowingly looked at our playoff jar, eager to put it to use.

Our second semester came to a halt in early March. Because of the coronavirus, all our classes were moved to the internet. We packed up our dorms and returned home. Not long after, the NHL suspended its season indefinitely.

When Grace and I attended Flyers games this year, it wasn’t just something we “did”, it was something we loved. We were extremely fortunate to have attended the games we did. The coronavirus put things into perspective of how lucky we were to spend that time with each other. And no, I don’t just miss hockey, rather I miss hockey with her. Global health comes first. While there may not be new Flyers hockey at the moment, the memories we reflect on from the past is the strong glue that keeps our friendship together.

Whenever Flyers hockey is back, believe me, we’ll be first in line on 3601 South Broad Street. But for now, we wait. And while waiting, we can be productive people: washing hands, social distancing, and most importantly telling our family and friends we love them. This piece isn’t “finished”, rather “to be continued”. And when it decides to continue, let’s hope the season can end on the best note possible.

Our Top Five Games We Attended This Season

  1. 1/13/2020: Philadelphia Flyers v. Boston Bruins, 6-5 SO win
  2. 10/26/2019: Philadelphia Flyers v. Columbus Blue Jackets, 7-4 win
  3. 1/21/2020: Philadelphia Flyers v. Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-0 win
  4. 12/23/2019: Philadelphia Flyers v. New York Rangers, 5-1 win
  5. 10/9/2019: Philadelphia Flyers v. New Jersey Devils, 4-0 win

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