While it has never been explicitly stated that Al Horford is on the trading block, ever since the big man signed his deal in free agency to come to Philadelphia, it was likely that the Sixers would eventually have to move Horford.

After only one season, it appears that now may be the time to begin looking for trade partners. Al Horford is not a bad player by any means, but he does not seem to fit on this current Sixers team.

Also, his level of play this season may not warrant the money he is making.

Sixers fans have been clamoring for a move involving Horford to be made as soon as possible.

Here are three potential trade partners for the Sixers.

Sacramento Kings

We knew this one was coming. The Sacramento Kings have been linked to the Sixers ever since the Buddy Hield rumors began.

The disgruntled shooting guard wants out of Sacramento and the Philadelphia 76ers have been named the likely suitor. With Hield’s four-year extension kicking in this offseason, the Sixers would never be able to make the trade work with the roster as it is currently built. However, if the Sixers were able to trade the Al Horford contract, things could work themselves out.

It may be a stretch for the Kings to take Horford’s contract, but with Sacramento trading Buddy Hield almost a forgone conclusion, why not push for Al Horford to be included in that move?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Another team that may have been expected, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and more specifically Kevin Love, were linked to the Sixers around the trade deadline this year. The belief was that aside from some draft picks potentially being included in the deal, it would be a straight-up player swap: Al Horford for Kevin Love. This would be an absolute upgrade for the Sixers.

Love has a more consistent three-point shot, can defend better at the perimeter, and earns just slightly more than Al Horford per year. The question would then become; is this going to be the same problem the Sixers currently have with Al Horford? While there is no real way to know, the answer should be, “it’s less likely.”

Love has played the four next to solid centers before, he knows how to take a backseat role from his years playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, he is no slouch defensively, and can play the center position if need be. While it may not be the top option for fans of the Sixers, it would not be a bad one.

San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are the final team that Al Horford could end up on. This entry’s heading could have been “salary dump” to any team outside of the playoff picture, but the Spurs actually have some interesting trade pieces. The Spurs could look to improve the team this offseason by trading away some expiring contracts, like Rudy Gay or Patrick Mills.  The Spurs could also do what a lot of “tanking” teams do; take on bad contracts in exchange for draft picks.

This is not the ideal situation for the Sixers, who would no doubt look for players and good picks in return for Horford. But if this is the only feasible offer on the table, or if the Sixers’ main goal is to create cap space, it may be the option they go with.

Do you think Al Horford will be traded this offseason?
Where do you think he would go?

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