On Thursday 5/21, Tim McManus of ESPN reported the Eagles were interested in signing veteran running backs LeSean McCoy, Devonta Freeman, or Carlos Hyde.

After Hyde signed a 1-year, $4 million deal with the Seahawks on Friday

per Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport, that whittled the list down to just Freeman or McCoy.

The inability to sign Hyde is disappointing, especially after looking at Hyde’s success in Houston in 2019. In midnight green he would have provided a similar between the tackles play style as Jordan Howard.

Devonta Freeman

The next viable option looked to be Devonta Freeman. Even though Freeman’s 2019 was far from what some expected out of the two-time Pro Bowler, he still managed to total 1,066 yards from scrimmage with 656 rushing yards and 410 receiving yards.

However, shortly after Hyde’s signing, Mike Silver and ProFootballTalk reported Freeman would sit out the entire season if necessary if no team can offer him the amount of money he has in mind.

It is hard to see the Eagles investing more money in Freeman than what Seattle spent to land Hyde. Even though Freeman is 28 and a year younger than Hyde, Freeman’s lack of recent production will not help him when it comes to getting more money.

LeSean McCoy

That leaves LeSean McCoy as the only running back left on the list. First to be clear, by no means is he the running back that he once was during his prime years with the Eagles or the Bills.

He is now 31 and since 2016, he has played in at least 13 games and his total rushing yards have decreased ever year. The most noticeable decline came in 2018, where McCoy rushed for only 514 yards. The previous season he rushed for 1,138 yards.

While McCoy would not be the guy he once was in Philadelphia, he still could provide needed production in a limited role behind Miles Sanders and Boston Scott. This is evident last year during his time in Kansas City.

On 101 attempts, McCoy rushed for 465 yards and averaged 4.6 yards per attempt while sharing touches with Damien Williams. These numbers are not great, but in a league that views running backs as expendable the fact that McCoy can still make things happen at his age is impressive.

It makes sense for the Eagles to go after him because of their need for a third option at running back. Even with Sanders poised to breakout in 2020, having the ability to not put the load on one running back is a trend the Eagles have used over the past three seasons and have had success.

With such a young group of running backs, McCoy provides the opportunity for Sanders and Scott to learn from the Eagles all-time leading rusher and a player who learned how to have success in Philadelphia. Not to mention the fact that McCoy has recently been vocal about being able to return to the Eagles.

In April, McCoy was a guest on Ian Rapoport’s podcast, Rapsheet & Friends, where McCoy discussed his time in Philadelphia and what it would mean to come back.

“It’s not a secret, everybody knows that it’s a special place for me there when I was playing with the Eagles. I started there. It kind of changed my life for the better,” McCoy said. “It would mean a lot to play out there, to finish my career out there, that would be excellent. It’s like home for me.”

The re-acquisition of McCoy would bring back a player who truly loved Philadelphia and a player who the fans also came to love.

Having McCoy in Philadelphia may not bring back the days of watching him weave between defenders and hurdle over tacklers in the snow, but it would bring a veteran presence to a young running back group and a suddenly younger team that could use guidance from an Eagles legend.

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