Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson, Al Horford – what will they do now? They’re going to Disney World!

The NBA has a plan in place to restart the 2019-2020 season in Disney World, yes Disney World.

After speculation of how and where to resume games the NBA is planning on resuming this season in Disney World.

How will playing in the most magical place in the world affect the Sixers?

Well, for starters, the Sixers had the best home record in the NBA. A true testimony to the benefit of home-court advantage, Philadelphia fans brought the fight this year and the Sixers home record is proof. At 29-2, a 93% winning percentage, the Sixers were by far the most dominant team at home this season. They took down almost every playoff team, including the top two teams in each conference, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks.

The problem lies on the road for the Sixers, for as good as they were at home they were equally as bad away from the Wells Fargo Center. This is where a problem may arise for the 76ers.

The Sixers were a whopping 10-24 away from home this season, which equates to a 29% winning percentage, 6th worst in the Eastern Conference, and by far the worst among playoff teams. If their road showing is any indication of how they will do in a neutral site, I am scared for a potential return.

If there was ever a story about the 2019-2020 Philadelphia 76ers, the main theme will be: how can a team be so dominant at one place and get walked over like a doormat in another?

The return isn’t all bad though.

In a perfect world, let’s assume that the coaches and players used this time away from the game to reflect on what the issue was. That may be fitting players into the offense, namely Al Horford. Maybe Brett Brown’s rotation was the problem, or maybe it was simply that the team did not get up for big games.

I think we can attribute multiple losses to these three scenarios and many more not mentioned. That is not my job, and it is certainly not your job unless you are reading this and also employed by the 76ers. That is the coaching staff and the players’ job, and hopefully, they took this time to not only train but reflect.

I honestly don’t know what will happen when the NBA returns, I don’t think anyone does. The Sixers are the most confusing team; night in and night out it was difficult to watch because we know the potential, we know the talent, it’s just a matter of using it.

In a season where we watched the team annihilate the 53-12 Milwaukee Bucks, and we watched them blow a game to the 15-50 Warriors, the 2019-2020 Sixers are no doubt, one of a kind.
In a season that is also one of a kind, maybe the Sixers will come back and figure things out in Disney World.

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