We know that the Sixers are pretty much locked in to be the sixth seed when the NBA returns but how do they match up against the rest of the playoff teams in the East?

During this hiatus, it’s given us a long time to forget about the issues that they have and what they do well.Most times the Sixers got up for big games but played down to their opponent way too often. 

Once the NBA returns in late-July, there will be no playing down to your opponents because every game is a big game.

Let’s take a look at the playoff teams in the Eastern Conference this year.

  • 8th Seed // Orlando Magic 

The Sixers are 1-2 against the Magic this year. 

  • 7th Seed // Brooklyn Nets

The Sixers are 3-1 against the Nets this year.

  • 5th Seed // Indiana Pacers

The Sixers are 1-2 against the Pacers this year

  • 4th Seed // Miami Heat

The Sixers are 1-3 against the Magic this year. 

  • *3rd Seed // Boston Celtics*

The Sixers are 3-1 against the Celtics this year.

  • 2nd Seed // Toronto Raptors

The Sixers are 1-2 against the Raptors this year.

  • 1st Seed // Milwaukee Bucks 

The Sixers are 1-2 against the Bucks this year.

The Sixers are 9-1 against playoff teams in the Wells Fargo Center this year, but 1-12 away. With the rest of the season being held in Orlando at a neutral site facility, those records do not necessarily bode well for the hometown Sixers. The fact that they are going to play at least one of these top-8 teams in the East away from the Wells Fargo Center is terrifying. The good news is those records show that they can compete, they can compete with anybody in the East, and even in the NBA. The two cornerstones, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid make them a threat no matter who they match up against.

Not only that, but doesn’t it make you feel better that we won’t have to watch the Sixers go into Boston, Toronto, Milwaukee, or any of the other places they’ve lost a combined 12 games this year?

That makes me feel better.

The Sixers are going to draw Boston in the first round this year. Out of all eight teams, Boston is perhaps the team I would most likely want to see. Listen, I know that sounds weird as the Magic and Nets are among those 8. If this were any other year, I would be skeptical.Seeing how the Sixers have handled the Celtics this year, though, makes me confident that they at least have a fighting chance to make it past the first round. Between having the Celtics number this year and not having to go into TD Garden to play them, I’ve talked myself into being excited to get the ball rolling again. 

Are the Sixers magically going to figure it out and go on a run? I don’t know.
But hey, if it’s going to happen, wouldn’t it happen at Disney World, the most magical place on Earth?

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