It is not typical of most jobs in the world to show everyone each of their employee’s salaries; however, the NFL is no typical workplace.

The National Football League is no guarantee; there are many players in which most would classify as “overpaid” or “bargains” for their price. Today, we look at the former.

With the 2020 season slowly approaching, let us look at the highest-paid players on the roster and determine if they are indeed worthy of their money.

5) TE Zach Ertz // $12,481,500

I mean, cmon. Zach Ertz has proven to be an all-time Philadelphia athlete. In franchise history, Ertz has the second-most receptions, fifth-most receiving yards and the eighth-most receiving touchdowns.

Is he worth his 2020 salary? Abso-freakin-lutely.


To anyone in the media that has pushed for a trade that would send the three-time Pro Bowl selection: why? The potential stardom oozing out of Dallas Goedert is magnificent and exciting; however, why can’t Philadelphia have both?

Ertz is coming off of a strong season — on-field as well as statistically — in which he was the focal point in the passing game. He gathered 88 receptions for 916 yards and added six scores.

With new speed implemented into the Birds’ offense, Zach Ertz should be able to flourish. 12.5 million for Zach Ertz? Yes. Please.

4) WR Alshon Jeffery // $15,446,500

Is there anyone more controversial on the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster currently that surpasses Jeffery?

With the Desean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin/Jason Avant era in Philly over, Roseman and the front office desperately searched for Wentz’s partner-in-crime for his sophomore campaign.

Enter Alshon Jeffery: a 6’3″, 220lbs wideout that showed massive potential in Chicago. Finally, the tall, long receiver would have a reliable quarterback in Carson Wentz. They flourished together and led the way to the Philadelphia Eagles offense dominating on their way to the postseason in 2017.

Since then, Jeffery has battled injuries and has failed to play a full 16-game season. Due to his injury history, age, and current standing among league receivers, it is hard to believe that Jeffery is a $15-million-dollar wide receiver.

It is important to note, however, that Jeffery couldn’t be in a better situation to bounce back in 2020 and prove his worth once more.

3) OT Lane Johnson // $15,921,500

Drafted in 2013 as the fourth-overall selection by Philadelphia, not a day has gone by in which the Birds have regretted this decision.

Johnson has been a cornerstone of the offense since entering the starting lineup as a rookie. While his league-wide recognition was surely overdue — he was selected to his first Pro Bowl and all-pro team in 2017, his fifth season as a pro — he was never a secret to the fans in Philadelphia.

According to Pro Football Focus, he only allowed one single sack in 2019 and was given an 88.8 overall ranking. His strong bond with Brandon Brooks, the Eagles’ starting right guard, has complemented his game to an even higher level.

His price tag of about $16-million for the 2020 season is obviously worth the price. A star tackle in today’s pass-heavy league is a commodity.

2) QB Carson Wentz // $18,656,536

We really do not talk about Carson Wentz enough.

Okay, all jokes aside, this is a no-brainer. The quarterback position is the single-most-important position in all of pro sports. When a team finds a great signal-caller, locking him up long-term is a priority.

In 2019, Carson Wentz was able to complete a feat that no other quarterback in NFL history was able to accomplish: surpass 4,000 passing yards in a season without a single wide receiver managing to reach 500+ receiving yards. Wow.

He has been a legitimate MVP candidate and has proven since that he can carry a team in big-game situations. His injuries, while obviously not comforting, aren’t too worrisome due to the nature in which they happened. An awkward collision on his knee and a spear tackle to his helmet are the two prime examples to view.

As of right now, Wentz’s cap hit for 2021 will rise to around $35-million. Do not let this number make you nervous. Now with a track team surrounding him, Carson Wentz will be able to further prove why he deserves his hefty contract.

1) DT Fletcher Cox // $23,847,000

His cap hit in 2020 is 10th-highest among ALL NFL players. It is the fourth-highest among defensive players.

You could ask me if I think Fletcher Cox deserves this gigantic amount of cash, but I did just ramble on about the fact that Fletcher Cox is one of the greatest defenders in Philadelphia Eagles history last week, so that should hint at my answer.


Cox is one of the single most important pieces in Philadelphia Eagles history. He was the best player on their first and only ever Super Bowl-winning roster.

There isn’t anything Fletcher Cox can’t do on a football field. Stopping the run, rushing the quarterback, taking on double teams; he simply makes everyone around him a better football player.

He is an all-pro, five-time Pro Bowl selection, and is constantly respected by his peers and expert film analysts.

Fletcher Cox is a great player and leader to have as a franchise’s highest-paid employee.

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