The Sixers “Bully Ball” starting 5 will not play another second together all season.

Going into the season, the Sixers put together the 2019 Broad Street Bullies with a massive starting 5. Between Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Al Horford, Tobias Harris, and Josh Richardson, they averaged out to be the largest starting lineup in the NBA.

That lineup more or less took them to an underwhelming 39-26 and a 6th seed in the NBA Eastern Conference.

We all know the historic home record, and we know the potential and talent that this lineup has, but I think we also know that a change needs to be made.

The good news is, with Ben Simmons missing the last month or so before the hiatus, the Sixers found a hidden treasure buried on their bench in the form of Shake Milton.

Earlier in the year, Brett Brown sat Milton down to tell him that he would basically be a reserve, a last-ditch effort, in case of an emergency type player. Well, the Sixers hit that emergency when Ben Simmons went down what looked like for the season.

Milton caught fire with Simmons out, even tying a record for most consecutive three-point shots made. With Milton forcing Brown’s hand, he may have inserted himself in the starting lineup for the rest of the year.

With Simmons figuring to be back in the equation when the NBA resumes in late July, Milton, his replacement, needs to find a spot in the lineup. With the Al Horford signing looking worse and worse, Brown could move Simmons to Horford’s spot, in turn opening a spot for Shake Milton.

I’m so confident in Shake Milton fitting better than Horford I’ll say that the opening night starting lineup won’t play one minute together again all season. Brett Brown’s job is already on the line, but if he chooses to proceed business as usual, he should be fired on the spot.

While I don’t think that Milton is the end all be all that will skyrocket the Sixers to an NBA championship this year, I do think that he’s a crucial first step to putting together a lineup that plays to the needs of the team.
The best thing for the Sixers is for that lineup to play together as little as possible for the rest of the year.

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