This time it’s going to be different.
Joel Embiid will be in shape upon the NBA’s return to play in late July.

Joel Embiid has been among the most dominant players in the league since his entrance in 2016. If you ask him, he has been the most dominant player. At 7’0” and 280 pounds, Joel Embiid is a physical specimen: he has the footwork and handles of a point guard, but the strength and build of a prototypical big man. This leads Embiid to be prone to injuries and put on weight easier than most.

This isn’t the first time the Sixers big man has experienced a lay off from work. Embiid is often injured and when he is, he tends to fall out of shape. Due to his speculated diet (a whole lot of Chick-Fil-A), when Embiid returns, he tends to show signs of being out of shape.

Brett Brown was asked about what kind of shape Joel Embiid will be in when the Sixers take the floor in Disney World. His response?

“I’ve had many conversations with Jo. I spoke with him 30 minutes ago, and he’s got a real desire to be at a playing weight that equals his best since he’s been in the league.”

Being asked that question puts Brown in a pretty tough spot, given Embiid’s history. Call me crazy, but I believe him. This time will be different, Embiid is getting more mature and it seems to finally click in his head that if he wants to remain as dominant as he has been in the past, he must take care of himself. That means exercise, which means a healthy diet, and all of that means a commitment to his craft.

Joel Embiid has had his fair share of controversy and criticism with the Philadelphia crowd. When the Sixers drafted Embiid, he had just turned 20! Since then, he has continued to grow in front of our eyes, and no he is not finished yet.

Embiid fits Philadelphia perfectly, and as he grows here he will fit even better. TRUST that this time he will come back in shape.
TRUST that he will dominate more than ever before as he enters his physical prime. TRUST this process.

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