I know. I really don’t want to think about it either.

With the NBA all but set to come back, though, what happens if a Sixers player tests positive for COVID-19?

This is certainly the troubling thought for Sixers fans. At worst, what if it is Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons? The worst-case scenario is that the Sixers come back and go on a run, then one of Embiid or Simmons tests positive in the Eastern Conference Finals or worse, the Finals. I’m here to say that the show must go on. 

If a player becomes infected, the thought process would then be that the team should have to quarantine. If that is the case I’m not sure what that means for the rest of the schedule. Normal quarantine is a two-week isolation period.

Does that mean if a player was to be infected, the whole team would have to quarantine for two weeks?

That would effectively eliminate that team from any kind of playoff chances and, in turn, ruin the whole point in resuming the season. 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said that one positive test will not shut the season down, so does that mean that if a player tests positive, the rest of the team will not have to be quarantined? I hope so.

Please know, I am more than aware of how serious the virus is. This entire pandemic is something that no one has ever experienced before and hopefully will never experience again. Player safety is first and foremost on my mind and the minds of NBA officials. There is no rule book to bring sports back in the country and we can only hope that everything goes as planned.

With that being said, the NBA – and all sports for that matter – must be okay with positive tests. There is no scenario in which you bring 15 players and coaches back to play against 15 more players and coaches where somebody doesn’t get it. The NBA can create a bubble all they want, but positive tests here and there are all but inevitable.

Public pressure will begin to build on the league when that happens, but by resuming the season, the NBA must be ready to accept the reality of the situation. When the season resumes, precautions will already be in place to try to prevent the spread of the virus, and they should be in full force come August 1st. If a player tests positive, the team should absolutely be checked and closely monitored, but this is the risk the Silver and other NBA officials are obviously willing to take by resuming operations.

In a closer scope, this is perhaps the deepest the Sixers bench has been in recent history. With the likes of Al Horford/Shake Milton, Furkan Korkmaz, Matisse Thybulle, Glenn Robinson III, Alec Burks, and newly signed Ryan Broekhoff coming off the bench, the Sixers at least have options if one of their starters gets infected. They have already shown they’re able to compete minus Embiid/Simmons this season.

The NBA is exactly what the world needs right now. Sports have personally served as a distraction for me, and they can be a distraction to everybody else, as well. Resuming sports comes with the same risks as resuming day to day life as we knew it; there may be cases because of it, but that is okay.

For all we know we may be fooling ourselves – this thing could shut down a week after it starts. As I mentioned, there is no rule book for this, there is no history to help us.

This is brand new and it might come with mistakes, but it’s time to take a chance. 

Featured Image: Philadelphia 76ers
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