With the NBA returning in a couple weeks, for the first time players have reported to the now-famous “NBA Bubble.
Photos of hotel rooms, food, and the courts have all been released.

Servers have been hired to cater to the players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At any given time, a player or coach will be able to snap their fingers and have whatever they need to be completed at the expense of the NBA. 

The idea of the bubble is actually pretty crazy. The fact that the NBA has basically established an entire little city in the heart of Disney World is really interesting.

Everything from food to laundry will be provided for the entirety of the rest of the 2020 season and players are not allowed to leave.

When I first heard about it, the first thing that came to mind was The Truman Show.

For those of you that have never seen the movie, The Truman Show is about a guy who has been documented and filmed since his birth inside a giant bubble, similar to the NBA bubble. His family was provided, his job was provided, everything was provided so that the rest of the world could watch him. Isn’t that oddly similar to what the league will be conducting?

When you think about it, the NBA bubble is kind of strange. Players are strongly discouraged from leaving this little world that the NBA has provided for them.

Isn’t that kind of wrong?

I get that these are players making millions of dollars to play a kids game, and I get that this is how the NBA views the safest way to return to play. Trust me, I am all for a return to play – I am in no way saying the NBA shouldn’t go through with this. I just think it’s a little weird.

Players have been outspoken about the NBA bubble. Sixers center Joel Embiid voiced his displeasure just this past week.

Players have opted out whether it be for the risk or for the simple fact they don’t want to be caged up for a month.

I guess I really just wanted to bring attention to how crazy the time we are living in is. As we watch the MLB and NHL set their return to play plans, they are noticeably different than what the NBA is doing.

The NBA is spending millions of dollars to finish the season by keeping their players couped up for the remainder of the season.
I’m extremely excited about basketball, but I can’t help but feel odd about the scenario laid out by the league.

Featured Image: Philadelphia 76ers
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