This eight-game period will not only help determine to seed for the Sixers once the playoffs start, but it will also help them re-acclimate to playing with one another.

There will also be some key things to watch for during this time period.

There will be major points that the Sixers and the fans will want to see.

Let’s look at what they are.

Ben Simmons and Shake Milton’s New Roles

Recently, it was reported through various outlets on Twitter that Brett Brown plans to play Shake Milton at the point guard position with Ben Simmons moving to the four. It will certainly be interesting once the regular season restarts to see how Ben and Shake can thrive in their new roles.

Shake looked incredible in his stretch of starting games while Ben was out with a back injury. Now that both are back and healthy, both Simmons and Milton can begin to feed off of one other while being on the court simultaneously.

While this pairing may take some time to get adjusted once the live play starts, this could turn out to be a deadly duo in the playoffs.

The Shape of the Sixers’ Lineup

This entry has no particular Sixers’ player in mind, but the shape of the team completely will certainly be in question upon the restart.

With all NBA facilities closed during the pandemic, this can be said for all NBA teams. However, we are only concerned with the shape of the Sixers. This will especially be the case for players like Joel Embiid, who’s shape is constantly called into question, as well as veteran players like Al Horford.

Expect there to be an adjusting period for everyone who will be getting their first taste of live action in almost five months.

The Team’s Chemistry

Has there ever been a team whose chemistry has been called into question more than the Sixers?

The Sixers have had their chemistry called into question by the media, fans (including us), and the team themselves throughout this season so it will be especially important to see how they fair during the restart. We will know for sure how the team has adjusted to one another and to the NBA’s Bubble by their level of play on the court.

There will certainly be some turnovers and missed assignments early on, as the players have not participated in NBA level basketball in quite a while. However, if these issues continue, the questions of chemistry may, unfortunately, pop up again.

What will you be looking for as the season restarts?

Featured Image: Michael Bryant/Philadelphia Inquirer
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