Although Madden NFL 21 is officially set to release on August 25th, various ratings and stats have surfaced prior to the game hitting the shelves.

The Philadelphia Eagles (team) were given an “83” overall rating to start the season.

This rating lands Philly as one of the top six teams in the game, trailing behind Tampa Bay, Dallas, Baltimore, San Fransisco, and New Orleans.


Breaking things down, the Eagles defense is only rated “80” overall even after the acquisitions of Darius Slay and Javon Hargrave.

Despite the dismay and complaints against the Eagles defense in Madden 21, Fletcher Cox earned the highest overall grade of ANY Eagles player:

Ranking in at “96” overall.


Other notable rankings on the Eagles D include:

  1. Brandon Graham (87)
  2. Nickell-Roby Coleman (83)
  3. Javon Hargrave (82)
  4. Malik Jackson (79)

Interestingly enough, EA actually ranks the Eagles offense an “87” overall, tying them with the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The Birds offense ranks above the likes of the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers (84) and even ahead of some of the more potent units last year: (Cowboys & Ravens, 85). Only the New Orleans Saints have a higher rated offense (88) than the Eagles in Madden 21…

EA Sports Developers must have confidence in the Birds’ new pass catchers.

Alshon Jeffery comes in at an “84” overall, likely making him the highest-rated member of the Eagles WR core. DeSean Jackson’s rating dropped to an “83” overall after only playing in one full game in 2019.

First-Round selection Jalen Reagor comes in at a “73” overall, which ranks him fifth best out the 2020 rookie WR class. Reagor has “93” speed, making him one of the faster players in the game.

Photo: NBC Philly/EAMaddenNFL

Although Reagor is one of the quicker pass catchers on the Birds, new-comer Marquise Goodwin is the fastest with “97” speed!

Sticking to the theme of pass-catchers, Zach Ertz also had a few words (or laughs) about his overall rating in Madden 21:

Miles Sanders also got into the action as well. Sanders was only rated an “80” after he led all rookies in scrimmage yards last year…

ANYWAYS…Let’s get back to our guy Ertz.

Ertz has every reason to be upset. He has been a model of consistency in a Birds uniform and should be rated as such. There is no logical reason that a 31-year old TE who was RETIRED last year, should be ranked ahead of Ertz.

An “A” grade of “90” overall is certainly exceptional, but Eagles fans worldwide scoffed at the fact Rob Gronkowski was ranked ahead of Ertz.

After seeing this, we may be afraid to see how bad EA Sports lowballs our other TE Dallas Goedert. EA might have lowered his awareness rating after the bar incident in South Dakota…

That was just a joke Eagles fans…

What isn’t a joke is the amount of scrutiny Carson Wentz continues to receive…

After winning four games in a row against all NFC East teams en route to a playoff berth, AND becoming the first player in NFL history to throw for over 4,000 yards with no WR eclipsing 500 receiving yards…Wentz was “awarded” an “84” overall rating.

To help put things into perspective, Wentz was tied with Dak Prescott for being the rated tenth best QB in the game…That is simply absurd.

Overall, fans are hoping all Eagles players will excel above their Madden 21 ratings on the field.

In the grand scheme of things, athletes’ ratings on a video game do not matter on the actual gridiron. Although these ratings do not always accurately reflect the talent of a player, it is surely a fun talking point for us fans. It is quite captivating to see players react to their ratings as well. Eagles twitter has been extremely interesting these past few days. The entertainment should continue up until Madden NFL 21’s official release.

Let’s just hope that Madden is not our only form of Football in 2020.

Featured Image: EA Sports/Madden
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