The NBA will be restarting in just over a week and with that brings so much hope for the renewed season.

However, with that hope also comes to some worries. The Sixers have had some consistent worries throughout the entire season such as their team chemistry or the development of their younger stars.

This list will be more concerned with the newer storylines heading into the NBA’s restart.

Here is what the Sixers will have us worrying about in the very near future.

The Health of Ben Simmons

Before the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to the NBA season, Sixers’ star Ben Simmons was out indefinitely rehabbing his injured back. As the NBA gets set to start back up, Simmons has appeared to be back at full strength.

Coach Brett Brown and others have said that Ben is close, but not quite at 100% just yet, but regardless of what “percentage” Ben will be at coming August 1st, it will certainly worry the Sixers’ fans throughout the remainder of the season. It seemed to be the wear and tear of the season that really affected Ben so hopefully this time off has done him some wonders. Time will certainly tell how he will hold up, but the fans will still be worrying throughout.

The Integration of Al Horford off of the Bench

When the season shut down, the Sixers had just recently moved Al Horford to the bench in a move the fans had long called for. The move seemed to greatly improve the flow of the rotation for the Sixers in the limited time it was in place. However, as the playoffs begin and rotations shrink, the fans will certainly worry about how much time Al will demand off of the bench. A playoff veteran like Horford will be a welcomed addition for this young Sixers lineup, but Horford getting too many minutes could throw off the flow of the team.

The hope is that he maintains the backup minutes for Joel Embiid as well has taken some of the power forward minutes if Tobias Harris needs a rest. With the recent move to have Shake Milton inserted into the starting lineup and Ben Simmons move to the four, it will be interesting to see how Horford meshes with the new rotation. The thought of how he will mesh will keep us worrying, as Al Horford has for most of the season.

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The New Starting Five

Speaking of the new rotation, this new lineup seems very promising for the Sixers, but could also be worrisome. Shake Milton looked incredible in the games he filled in for the injured Ben Simmons. However, we will need to see how he and Ben play off one another when they are both in the starting lineup. Ben was also known to guard the best player on the court regardless of position, but he may have to sway more towards guarding bigger opponents with the recent move.

Defensively, the matchups will be just as interesting as to how the team flows offensively. However, it could be just as worrying if Ben Simmons’ match-up assignments begin to change. The new starting five for the Sixers holds just as much hope as it does worry for the fans.

What are you worried about heading into the NBA’s restart?

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